Thursday, November 29, 2012

Devout Kansas Town Forced to Remove Cross‏ by Leftist bullies from outside

A town in central Kansas that was founded more than 100 years ago by immigrants escaping religious persecution — is once again facing religious persecution.

The tiny town of Buhler is being forced to remove a religious cross from its town seal after a group called the Freedom From Religion Foundation complained that the symbol violates the Establishment Clause of the U.S. Constitution. The group said the cross indicated government endorsement of Christianity. The group also threatened to sue unless a large billboard featuring the cross was removed from a city park.

Mayor Daniel Friesen told Fox News that concerns over the lawsuit were the deciding factor in removing the cross and redesigning the seal.

“If we would have been sued, we would likely lose,” he said. “It’s not an issue of appeasing this fringe group. It’s a matter of protecting the community of Buhler from this organization. We’ve got to take the high road.”

The mayor said the town seal was the result of a competition held in 1988 to mark Buhler’s centennial. The town of 1,350 people was founded by Mennonite immigrants who were seeking refuge from religious persecution.

The irony is not lost on the mayor.  “It’s a faith-based community — always has been,” he said. “The community has never pushed (their faith) on anybody else – but they felt the cross was a good representation.”

Many local residents expressed their frustration and their disappointment on the town’s Facebook page.  “It really saddens me that the minority has finally bullied their way into Buhler,” one resident wrote. “My husband and I chose Buhler when moving from Kansas City with a job transfer because of that sign in the park and the fact that it did have a cross on it because it showed us we were moving into a strong Christian community.”



Bird of Paradise said...

America needs freedom from these annoying self-cenetred athiests the FREEDOM FROM RELEGION FOUNDATION needs its tax exempt status revoked Its not a Charity anymore its a hardline bunch of leftists reptiles

Anonymous said...

Funny how those who demand "tolerance" show none to others!

Go Away Bird said...

I,ve always said the same thing annon 4:41 about these liberal wanks

Anonymous said...

As is usually the case, weakness begets aggression. If the towns people had stood up to the atheists and fought them, they would back down. The more weakness and unwillingness to fight the atheist cretins come across, the stronger and bolder they become. It's time to drive them back into the woodwork where they belong.

Dean said...

My comment here is similar to that in the article above about Sts. Cyril and Methodius.

To ignore religion as history is to give an incomplete picture of how we became who we are.

The cross on Buhler's town seal in particular is a symbol of the town's history. As such it has a legitimate place on the seal, and perhaps on the sign in the park.

FFRF would ignore history, ignore who we are and how we got here in order that they might feel comfortable with who they are.

They exemplify intolerance at its worst.

Anonymous said...

Banishing the cross from a town's seal was and is not the spirit or intent of the establishment clause. How has the Founding Fathers' meaning become so twisted? When the Consitution was written, most of the colonies had their own state religion. None of them would have agreed on us becoming a Catholic, Baptist, Quaker, etc., nation, hence the establishment clause. Most of them were Christians but believed in their own church's teachings and that is why the amendment is written the way it was. Not to abolish God from all government functions.

Anonymous said...

Solution: Commission (unofficially encourage rather) a citizens organization and sell it some land near the park (20ft by 20ft), and on the road near the town. Include a highly Christian sign designating the town as Christian oriented. Since the organization is made up of private citizens, on private land, the first amendment protects their statements.

Kee Bird said...

The ACLU was founded by a COMMUNISTS

Anonymous said...

The mayor and city council need to be removoed. I would tell the heathens to go to hell and get fucked. I know many atheist that have no problem with a cross, they said they dont believe in God, so religious symbols do not bother them.These pea brianed pos seem to sticking their nose into something that does not concern them and need to have their noses removed.

Jub jub Bird said...

Time to tell the philastine freakos to GO TAKE A HIKE