Monday, November 12, 2012

Retired Australian cricketer uses naughty word

He has had a post-cricket career as a comedian but jokes are always dangerous these days

Former Test batsman Greg Ritchie has defended himself against claims of racist and anti-Muslim comments at a Brisbane Test luncheon, refusing to apologise and saying: "If they take offence that's their choice."

The ex-Australian player and television personality was attacked for using the forbidden "k-word" during a lunchtime speech at the Brisbane Cricket Ground Trust members dining room on day one of the first Test against South Africa on Friday. He also made disparaging remarks about Islamic people in the address, South Africa's Sunday Times reported.

"I've got nothing against the Muslim people," Ritchie was reported as saying on Friday. "Just this morning I had to try and stop three little Muslim boys trying to break the lock on my car boot. "I had to say, 'Shut up! You're in there for a reason!'"

On Sunday, Ritchie told Fairfax: "That's a joke that I use, and I'll continue to use it. It's just a little humourous joke to indicate that they're not my favourite people of my choice. If they take offence that's their choice."

Ritchie also defended himself against the accusations of racism by using the word "kaffir" in the lunchtime address. ["Kaffir" is said to be the South African equivalent of "n*gger" these days. It was once fairly widely used in S.A.]


There have now been official attempts to ban him from cricket functions in Australia but he lives in Florida these days so that might not have much bite.

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No free speech under socialism The old USSR isnt dead afster all