Friday, November 30, 2012

Student government at UCB criticizes fraternity Halloween decorations

From early this month:  A "Zombie" looked too much like a lynching

Public outcry over the perceived racially insensitive nature of a campus fraternity’s Halloween decoration has prompted efforts in the ASUC Senate to increase awareness of racial and cultural issues on campus.

The senate unanimously passed a bill at its meeting Wednesday evening that recognizes “the history and presence of lynching and anti-black sentiment” in the United States, California and UC Berkeley and urges the ASUC to implement “mandatory racial sensitivity curriculum” for campus Greek organizations. The bill was drafted in response to a stuffed zombie hung Tuesday from a third-story window of the Theta Delta Chi fraternity house as a part of an annual haunted house philanthropy event.


Having fun can be a problem these days.  Doing anything unusual may cause injured feelings and we can't have that!


Anonymous said...

Yet if it was an effigy of George W. Bush or Mitt Romney, it would be perfectly permissible.

F*cking Politically Correct Liberal pansies.

Anonymous said...

Need a new book:

"Things You Shouldn't Do Because It Traumatizes the Less Resilient in Our Society : How We Need To Protect the Weak and Insecure."

Anyone want to help me write it?

Anonymous said...

Stan: Your new book would be very small... "You can't do anything".

Since no one can be offended by anything today... how about we start letting the PC police know that WE are offended by them being offended. Since nothing can cause offense anymore we have them in an endless loop and maybe they'll just go away!

Bird of Paradise said...

Hanging a image of Romney consitred Free Speech,hanging a image of der Fehrer Obama is Racsist in the pea-sized brains of liberal wanks

Anonymous said...

"Political correctness is a far greater threat to our freedom and liberty than is terrorism..."

Go Away Bird said...

Political Correctness is just another form of SOCIALISM and COMMUNISM

Anonymous said...

sounds a lot like old time Soviet re-education camps to me. Fascism is alive and well here in the USA>

Flu-Bird said...

Joe McCarthy warned us about these evil communists Its time to take him seriuosly and heed his warnings

A. Levy said...

Quite true Flu-Bird. Unfortunately for old Joe, even he didn't realize how large and strong a presence communists had, and still have, in our govt., industry, academia, labor, entertainment, MSM, etc. They were able to demonize him, and in fact, still do.

What is never mentioned is the fact that, while he wasn't the most tactful or eloquent speaker, he was right.