Wednesday, November 28, 2012

RI: Governor pulls plug on tree lighting

"Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee has pulled the plug on the state’s annual tree lighting ceremony one year after he created a yuletide controversy by changing its name to a 'holiday' tree.

The governor’s spokeswoman did not give a reason for the decision. But last year his office was flooded with thousands of telephone calls protesting the name change. Many citizens accused the Independent governor of trying to secularize Christmas. At the time, Chafee said the name change was meant to honor the state’s origin as a sanctuary of religious tolerance."


It's "tolerant" to censor Christmas???


Bird of Paradise said...

I hope the residents of americas smallists state gives this jerk the HEAVE HO in 2014. VOTE THE GRINCH OUT IN 2014

Anonymous said...

Chafee is an independant? LOL!!! That's like saying Sean Penn is a conservative. It's truly amazing how incredibily dumb people are.

Go Away Bird said...

Dont forget their state bird is a chicken

Dean said...

Of course censoring Christmas is tolerant - in NewSpeak, that is.

"War is Peace, Peace is War"

Seriously, there is no way for a government agency to be absolutely tolerant. No matter what is allowed or censored someone will be offended and claim intolerance of their viewpoint.

I'd guess Gov. Chafee got so much flack from everyone for renaming the tree and for having one no matter what it was called that he threw in the towel and abandoned the idea.

Perhaps private individuals should band together and raise a tree on private land and have their own annual tree lighting.

Kee Bird said...

Our towns having its Tree Lighting this saturday and no liberal grinch will stop us

Uno Hu said...

The fools and knaves of the state voted for him - now they must live with him. And, in reality, his refusal to allow state participation in Christmas will hurt no one. Christianity began, and flourished, during a time of the sort of prosecution and harassment (in Rome) that cannot even be envisioned here. "Aid" from the state does little to help religion (though it may appear to increase the numbers of the"religious"); the state's opposition to Christianity will not strip away any real believers, just some of the "religious" fair-weather "Christians".

Anonymous said...

Uno hu is correct, This is what they voted for, this is what they deserve. If they wanted a atheistic communist government, they get it.

Anonymous said...

@Uno Hu, sadly, your assessment illustrates the true practice and double-standard of the Liberal. We start with a minority of people and we fight for their rights. We pass legislation in the name of tolerance so that the majority must bow to the whims of the oppressed minority. Over time, that minority becomes the majority. The resulting new minority must now bow to the whims of the new majority. So who is going to fight for the rights of this new minority?