Monday, November 19, 2012

"Racist" to ridicule Arab terrorists?

It’s raining Israeli bombs in Gaza yet again and as the death toll mounts some people are having themselves a laugh at the expense of the dead. I’m talking about #HamasBumperStickers, a twitter hashtag that caught on like wildfire yesterday mostly among people who despise Palestinians (and Arabs in general) and think it’s funny when Israel kills them.

While I’m not usually one to amplify the trolling rhetoric of heartless bigots, I feel it’s important that these particular individuals be shamed and ostracized for their sick jokes, especially since the hashtag they are using has apparently been trending worldwide.


You can read the bumperstickers here.

What strange mentality is it that ignores the constant rocket fire onto Israel by the Gaza Arabs?  I guess they are "good" rockets.  The Left are good at selective vision but they are bit players compared to Muslim propagandists.   You wonder what goes on in their brains.  They must know what the reality is.  Even Rachel Corrie knew that.


Bird of Paradise said...

The hypocracy of the liberals its almost deafening

Anonymous said...

I've been taking screen caps of facebook posts on the BBC's page by liberal darling groups re: Gaza, here's a few.

Anonymous said...

Jon,..... With all the anti-Israeli propaganda being spewed, both in the middle east and here in the US, did you not expect someone to counter that, even if it is with a rather twisted (to some) sense of humor?

If Israel wants to survive, they should issue a world-wide statement saying, that any further attacks on them from Gaza, will be seen as a direct attack from Iran, and they will respond in kind. This must be followed by as devastating an attack on Iran as Israel is capapble of delivering.

If they wait for an ok from the Muslim-in-Chief in the WH, they are doomed.

Anonymous said...

Wow, suddenly a jihadi values free speech, so he can praise hitler.

Go Away Bird said...

Just be happy were no longer a british subject or we would also have to put up with their nonsense

Kee Bird said...

Blow up a abortion center and they call you a PRO-LIFE TERRORIST Murder a unborn child and they call it FREE CHOICE