Sunday, November 18, 2012

Facing death wishes, Kim Kardashian deletes pro-Israel tweet

Gratuitous picture

Earlier today, Twitchy called attention to Kim Kardashian’s tweet offering prayers to the people of Israel.

"Praying for everyone in Israel"

That tweet resulted in a torrent of hateful tweets, including death wishes.  Kardashian tried to mollify the anti-Israel mob with this:

"And praying for everyone in Palestine and across the world!"

Now both of those tweets are gone from Kardashian’s Twitter account.  But Twitchy is forever.


Leftist hate as per usual


Anonymous said...

The left forbids sympathy for Jews.

Anonymous said...

Well, it looks like Kim Kardouchian, (a.k.a. Ms. Lens-lice, Ms. Ghetto-meat) got herself into it this time. Simply looking for attention, as usual, this talentless skank now has both Israelis and terrorists hating her. Maybe she can hide behind her own ass. In fact, maybe everyone can. What a lowlife pig! Almost as bad as her pimp moma.

Anonymous said...

You're right about her mother, who was the actual producer of the x-rated video that caused her to become "famous". But she's also being pimped out by the media, especially the NY Daily News which, for some odd reason, runs a story about her in every single issue.

I wouldn't be surprised if she writes a book titled, "Is There A Rich Black Guy Out There I Haven't Slept With?"

Anonymous said...

Who gives a shit about what she says anyway?

Bird of Paradise said...

Prophet Muhammed was a pediphilie

Anonymous said...

Hey Bird, don't let Obama hear you say that.

Anonymous said...

I do not know or give a damn who she is or what her back story is. Obviously an attractive woman who said something supportive of a people beset by those who wish them dead. I for one would be happy to see more such simple empathy with those brave people who survive the bigoted hatred of almost every other people around them.