Friday, November 30, 2012

Racist chants at English soccer match

Tottenham Hotspurs is a largely Jewish London football club who sometimes refer to themselves as "Yids".  In sport however political correctness often gets forgotten and they do come in for racist abuse

And in Italy recently there was more than abuse.  A group of Tottenham fans were physically attacked by thugs supporting a rival Italian football club:  Lazio

But in Britain it was just hot air

The bile-spewing West Ham fans who baited their Tottenham Hotspur rivals because some of their number had been stabbed by a Nazi mob could take a couple of lessons in history.

What the West Ham fans were chanting:

'Viva Lazio'

'Adolf Hitler, he's coming for you'

'Can we stab you every week?'

Ashley Mills, a 25-year-old Tottenham fan, was the most severely injured of 10 compatriots who were subject to an unprovoked act of violence while drinking in the Drunken Ship pub in Campo de Fiori, Rome, ahead of his club's Europa League tie with Lazio.

The Ultras – renowned hooligans in the Eternal City – had come 50 strong to make an anti-Semitic attack against Tottenham, with their traditionally Jewish heritage.

Two men, both fans of Lazio's neighbouring club Roma, were arrested and charged.

In celebration of the foregoing hate-crime, West Ham fans, who were said to number hundreds rather than dozens yesterday, chanted 'Viva Lazio'.



Anonymous said...

Team sports are just ritualized warfare, and their supporters often extend it into actual tribal warfare, especially where soccer is concerned.

Bird of Paradise said...

Rowdy and violent fans like them need to be banned from the stadium for life

Anonymous said...

Jews, who always portray themselves as "victims", not because they are any more than any other group, but because they have learned there's sympathy and advantage to being a "victim", have caused great resentment around the world. It is they who have kept the holocaust alive because of all the "special" treatment they receive because of it.

Anonymous said...

Hitler won, his followers are still alive, see liberals and muslims.

Anonymous said...

Liberal indoctrination of kids is really paying off. I wonder if "james" still feels like a male after she can't pee at a urinal because she lacks a dick?

Go Away Bird said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

3:10, Jesus is Jewish we do know that and His followers were instructed to NOT feed those who did not work.

Kee Bird said...

Annon 3:10 Jesus was a CONSERVATIVE he belived in the traditional family and apposed ABORTION

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Jesus was the first hippy!