Friday, November 23, 2012

"Negro" is wrong in Sweden too
A local Green Party politician from central Sweden kicked up controversy for singing a song about a "negro village" in Africa during a recent children's charity fundraiser.

The incident took place on Sunday when Rune Tessin, a Green Party member of the local council in Åtvidaberg, took the stage at an event to raise money for "Min Stora Dag" ('My Big Day'), a charity which helps sick children fulfill their dreams.

One of the songs chosen by the 71-year-old Tessin featured lyrics about a "negro village" (negerby) down in Africa.

Following the event a video of the Green Party politician's crooning appeared on YouTube, much to the dismay of party colleagues.  "It makes me sad, disappointed, and angry," Bror-Tommy Sturk, Green Party chair for Östergötland County, told Sveriges Radio (SR).  "This isn't how Green Party members express themselves. I don't think anyone should express themselves in this way."

But Tessin defended his decision to sing the "negro village" tune and had a hard time understanding why his performance had ruffled feathers.

Tessin admitted that the word "negro" might be considered offensive in the United States because there are "more stereotypes attached to the word and it's more sensitive"


It's actually the scientific term for sub-Saharan Africans,  though academics these days usually say "sub-Saharan Africans" to be on the safe side.  Why use one word when three will do?


Bird of Paradise said...

No free speech in the EUROPEAN(SOVIET)UNION

Anonymous said...

The US is responsible for that PC sensitivity about "negro", which used to be a perfectly proper term for an ethnic group, but just because it got corrupted in the US to a slang word with two "g"s that I daren't even type for fear of a hate crime. Bird says no free speech in Europe, but there ain't much either in the US.

Anonymous said...

Free speech is a myth. Its been gone for years if it ever really existed at all.

However, since Negro is spanish for black, will spain and central and south america have to soon change their language in referance to the color of the night sky?

stinky said...

Saharan Africans are human, obviously so, so calling some people Sub-Saharan Africans is akin to calling them sub-humans. Racists!

Go Away Bird said...

Sweeden is the nation that want all liberal they tried to disband their military to appease the hippy pacifists freakos and they gave rights to animals to appease the animal rights pansies and now their doing this? PATHETIC LIBERALS

Anonymous said...

The correct term is, niggers!

Anonymous said...

Stinky of 9:06 am: Sub-Saharan simply means location and has nothing to do with race. "Of or relating to or situated in the region south of the Sahara Desert"