Monday, August 31, 2009

Woman accused of contempt for dinner blessing

We read:
"A Florida school district worker whose husband read a prayer at a private banquet has been cleared of contempt accusations brought by the American Civil Liberties Union.

The case arose after the Santa Rosa County School District in January agreed to eliminate all religious activity, including prayer, at school-sanctioned events. However, district worker Michelle Winkler was at a private banquet held at a Naval base to honor non-instructional school district employees and her husband read a brief blessing prior to the meal, according to reports of the case.

The ACLU alleged that subjected her to contempt charges.

Winkler, a clerical assistant for the district who was represented by Liberty Counsel's Senior Litigation Counsel Horatio Mihet and David Corry, was examined during a recent seven-hour hearing in federal court. Eventually, District Judge Casey Rodgers found that Winkler's husband's prayer at a voluntary gathering outside of school did not violate any court order.

Liberty Counsel founder Mathew D. Staver expressed relief over the victory but frustration over the ACLU's actions. "The wheels came off the ACLU's steamroller. While we are pleased with the ruling, we are saddened that a wonderful woman had to spend a day in court, with the ACLU's crosshairs aimed at her back. Prayer is neither contemptuous nor criminal. It is outrageous that the ACLU sought civil contempt charges against an outstanding woman whose husband prayed a beautiful prayer at a privately sponsored event held off campus. The ACLU needs to take a good dose of the First Amendment and call us in the morning," he said.



Anonymous said...

The Left is a cancer on the heart of America, and must be cut out. And only by fire will we rid ourselves of this pestilence.

Ed said...

"Getting your news from World Nut Daily is like getting a pizza from Auto Zone.

12:40 AM"

Is that the only thing you know how to type. The anti-American ACLU is neither a court or law enforcement agency and have no authority or ability to charge anyone. In my opinion, the ACLU should be added to the terror watch list and have any government funding removed as they terrorize communities to push their agendas on everyone.


Anonymous said...

Oh Ed, you are sooo delusional.

Anonymous said...

Yes Ed, delusional is how the left describes someone who tells the truth.

George Carlin said...

Anon 10:42 - Blow it out your ass.

Use the Name, Luke said...

George Carlin, just as vulgar as ever.

"How is it that a lame man does not annoy us while a lame mind does? Because a lame man recognizes that we are walking straight, while a lame mind says that it is we who are limping."
—Blaise Pascal

Anonymous said...

It is a shame some people cannot start suing the ACLU to defund these vermin.

Robert said...

I can hardly wait to see someone countersue the ACLU for attempting to suppress an individual's God-given rights, protected by the First Amendment. This would seem to be a clear-cut case.