Monday, August 24, 2009

Britain: Must not disparage nudists?

We read:
"Harriet Harman [One of Britain's extreme Left politicians] is set to embrace yet another minority group who claim to be victims of discrimination – naturists.

The Government Equalities Office, which is overseen by Labour’s deputy leader, is promoting claims that devotees of skinny dipping and nudist campsites suffer prejudice equivalent to that experienced by gays, ethnic minorities and the elderly.

A submission written by British Naturism has been included in a review into discrimination. “Naturists encounter prejudice in employment,” it reads.

“This is a particular problem for people in the caring professions and education. Any occupation requiring an enhanced Criminal Record Bureau check is potentially a serious problem.”



Anonymous said...

WOW, This could lead to naked men swimming along side burkini clad women in public pools.

Every body's got rights thanks to the Liberal idiots in government!

Mongo said...

"Every body's got rights thanks to the Liberal idiots in government!"

The flip side is, nobody has any rights thanks to Conservative idiots in government.

Anonymous said...

Mongo, please give us an example of when, where, and how anyone's rights were taken away by Conservatives. On the other hand, those of you on the Left are notorious for denying peoples rights whenever you disagree with them. (ie: the 2nd amendment)

Assuming you still have some attachment to reality, (although being on the Left, i doubt it) you can clearly see that it's those on the Left who are turning Britain into a concentration camp. In fact, the last time in history that concentration camps were used, it was again by the National "Socialist" Party, wasn't it.

Anonymous said...

uh-oh, can't call it skinny dipping anymore, it might offend fat naturists

Anonymous said...

o please put clothes on, just because i like looking at my dick doesnt mean everyone does.

Bobby said...

"o please put clothes on, just because i like looking at my dick doesn't mean everyone does."

---Nudity isn't about sex, it's about being free. If you have ever swam naked you'll notice it feels a lot better than swimming with a bathing-suit.

I'm not a naturist but I've been to nudist beaches and I like it. Instead of having to use your imagination, you see everything.

I think people in America and England are too freaked out about the naked body. We've got the E entertainment network doing programs like "The 20th best and worst beach bodies." They did a segment on Gerard Depardiew and complained that he shouldn't be at the beach naked and during Surviver people complained about Richard Hatch being naked.

And every year the magazines scream about getting a beach body for the summer. It's ridiculous, while I don't think people should be naked outside designated areas, I think nudist beaches are necessary for those folks who feel inclined.

The idea that the body is dirty and shameful is nothing more than Victorian morals we have inherited. Besides, if someone doesn't like looking at your dick, ask them why are they looking in the first place? Why do they care? I think it's because we're not used to nudity that the naked body becomes dirty when it shouldn't be

Anonymous said...

There are very, very, very, few people who look good naked. But Bobby's right, if you're in an appropriate place and you feel like taking it all off, then why not. It really does feel good. And, if you don't care what others think, it feels even better.

Bobby said...

"There are very, very, very, few people who look good naked"

---We've been socialized to think that way. I recently saw a documentary about Bhutan, a secluded kingdom between India, Nepal and Bangladesh. Before the advent of television a beautiful woman was thought to be strong, capable of doing menial labor in agriculture, thick, etc. But thanks to TV, now they only like skinny girls with a perfect 90, 60, 90 figure.

Even TV shows like American Idol often focus on the looks of the contestants as well as their talent.

Even the world of Opera is not immune to that kind of thinking.

Anonymous said...

Everyone discriminates based on behavior every day. We make judgements based on the way people act. If they are doing something that makes us uncomfortable, such as walking around in public naked, we avoid them. It is their choice as well as mine. If they don't like being avoided or discriminated against, change the behavior. Duhh.

3:18 said...

Bobby, the fact remains. Very, very, very, few people look good naked. That's not TV, that's just Mother Nature. BTW, only a complete fool looks for perfection in humans, or anything else.

Bobby said...

"Bobby, the fact remains. Very, very, very, few people look good naked. That's not TV, that's just Mother Nature."

---But that's just a matter of opinion. Look, what is beautiful? Is Halley Berry beautiful? Not for me. Is Denzel Washington beautiful? Not according to me. It's all opinion, sure, sometimes there is consensus and a lot of people say "x person is beautiful."

Personally, I like Paris Hilton, yet too many people tell me that she's too skinny, her boobs are too small, she looks emaciated... You see? It's all opinion. The person who looks good naked to me may not look good naked to you. But if I go to the beach I'd rather see everyone naked because when we're all naked we're all equally exposed.

Anonymous said...

Equally exposed, but far from equal.

Anonymous said...

Who cares whether people look good or not? In certain situation getting naked is OK and in others it's not (shower versus public pool etc.). In different cultures the rules are somewhat different. In Finland for example skinny dipping out of your own sauna is the preferred thing to do despite your neighbor doing some gardening 100 ft away. In fact the neighbor is considered a weirdo if he chooses to notice the skinny dippers.