Friday, August 07, 2009

No free speech for judges in Britain

We read:
"A senior judge who described Britain’s immigration system as “completely lax” is to face an investigation. Judge Ian Trigger said last week that “hundreds and hundreds of thousands” of illegal immigrants were abusing the benefits system.

The Lord Chief Justice, Lord Judge, has asked the Office for Judicial Complaints to rule on whether the comments were too political. The decision will be made jointly by Lord Judge and the Lord Chancellor, Jack Straw.


If he'd said what a great system Britain had, there'd be no problem, of course.


Anonymous said...

Who cares, it's only Britain.

Anonymous said...

And i'm sure nobody in Britain cares a damn about you either! Stay in your hole!

Anonymous said...

How dare someone complain about the illegal scum.

Anonymous said...

At least my hole is mine. If you're a Brit, your hole is your entire pathetic, socialist, country.

Brian - NY said...

Anonymous 1:34 and 5:35:

By your logic, the same could be said for the United States. You judge the entire nation by the few elites who hold power and exercise it for their own benefits.

Seems to me the 'bama Administration is doing the very same thing. So, does that mean all Americans are mindless sheep? Where does that leave nearly half the population that voted for McCain instead of Obama? What about those of us who recognize the disaster that is 'universal healthcare'?

You barely hear of the anti-Obama protests in the MSM, and the congress ignores us or calls us nazis for daring to go against them, but they are continually put back in power.

Do not disparage the British unless you are prepared to admit the same about the USA, because you are judging them by the elite in power without really knowing the people themselves.

I, myself, do not think either the US or Britain are lost causes. I see our representatives as being drunk on their power, and forgetting that we gave them that power. Their arrogance does not let them acknowledge that if we really see things for what they are, we can take that power away from them.

We appear to be starting down that road.

5:35 said...

Brian, when i knock Britain, i always include the US (my country) except in my last short post. Yes, the US isn't any better, but i don't blame the leftist elites who hold the power, i blame the voters who keep giving them that power.

I also blame an election system which makes people believe that their vote can actually change something, when it can't because the entire system is corrupt.

Anonymous said...

Well said Brian.