Monday, August 17, 2009

Once again, no freedom for conservative speech

Relying on rational argument is not the Leftist way. Coercion is their bag. They can't debate so they try to silence those who disagree with them.
"Calls to boycott Whole Foods Market are growing louder and more sophisticated following a Wall Street Journal opinion article by the company's chief executive, John Mackey, in which he criticized President Obama's health care plan and offered his own alternative.

Mackey's article first prompted individuals to threaten taking their business elsewhere. But now the Progressive Review, an online alternative publication, is calling for a formal boycott, and campaigns are popping up all over, including on Facebook, a popular online social networking site.

Protesters are hoping a boycott will cut into the success of Whole Foods, the 10th largest food and drug store in the U.S., which reported sales of $1.8 billion for the last quarter, a 2 percent increase from the previous quarter....

Whole Foods pays 100 percent of the premiums, but not the deductibles, for all employees who work 30 hours or more per week, or about 89 percent of its workers, and gives each employee $1,800 per year in "health-care dollars" that can be used for health and wellness expenses, according to the article.

Among the recommendations he made: equalizing tax laws for health insurance benefits; repealing all state laws which prevent insurance companies from competing across state lines; repealing government mandates regarding who they must cover; and enacting tort reform and Medicare reform....

Mackey's article appeared to be consistent with the views of dozens of doctors and business executives who have weighed in on the controversial bill. But Mackey's comments have drawn a much harsher reaction and is being compared to an "organized campaign to defeat a single payer health insurance system."

Yet Mackey did draw supporters as well on the forum who said they would start shopping at Whole Foods because of Mackey's article.


The "objectionable" article by Mackey is here


Anonymous said...

This sounds like a comprehensive, well structured plan. Why not debate, rather than eliminate? The country has been divided into two opposing views. There seems to be no middle ground. Maybe we need two countries.

Anonymous said...

We don't need two countries - we just need to cut the bloated federal government down to size, getting it back to a Republic with limited Federal powers.

I, for one, will be shopping at Whole Foods more often.

G.S. Patton III said...

There's nothing new here. This type of obnoxious, Fascist, conduct is one of the Left's oldest and most often used tactics. It's simply another example of the Left showing how "tolerant" they really are. In fact, the tolerance they love to boast about is strictly limited to only those things they agree with, and nothing else. What we're seeing here is the "true" face of the radical Left.

Companies like Whole Foods, and it's CEO Mr. Macky, are deserving of a great deal of respect and support from all real Americans.

Mark in Arizona said...

Whole Foods seems to always be on lists of the best companies to work for, best employee benefits, etc. This just comes across as a group of thugs who want to shut up opposing views and cause monetary harm to any business that doesn't go along with what they want.

Anonymous said...


A venerable form of political blowback, it was, for a while, co-opted by the lunatic left, until rational American adults reclaimed it to tell an out of control group of Nanny State Marxists, "Knock it off!".

Anonymous said...

I went yesterday and spent 200 dollars in Whole Foods, A liberal friend complained , i told him to kiss my ass, so to all liberals that do not believe in free speech and who suck up to the hitler oabama-- KISS MY ASS AND FUCK OFF.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:23, you got a lot of class there.

Bobby said...

Mackey may be right, but does he realize that 90% of their customers are liberal? Whole Food is filled with overpriced organic junk that democrats, liberals and others love. It's the kind of place where you pay $2.5 to drink wheatgrass (most disgusting thing you'll ever drink and yet it's supposed to be healthy).

Honestly, you have to know your audience, that's what happened to The Dixie Chicks.

Frankly, I will never shop at Whole Foods... Public and Wynn Dixie have better prices and their food tastes better. I once tried the buffet at Whole Foods and ended up paying $18 and only one of the items tasted decent. Tree huggers are crazy, they want to pay more for food that tastes like crap.

Phil In Cow Town said...

"It's the kind of place where you pay $2.5 to drink wheatgrass (most disgusting thing you'll ever drink and yet it's supposed to be healthy)."

You're not suggesting that any food that tastes good is healthy are you? Only that's how it read to me.

G.S. Patton III said...

Bobby, never having shopped at a Whole Foods store, i don't know what they sell. But if you're right about their customer base being liberals, then perhaps Mr. Macky should have kept his personal opinion to himself. But i get the impression that he's a man who's willing to stand up for what he believes, and if that's the case, then he must be ready and willing to pay the price. That's what makes real men.

Bobby said...

Hey Phil:

"You're not suggesting that any food that tastes good is healthy are you? Only that's how it read to me."

---No, all I'm saying is that when you order a Pizza at Whole Food, there's something missing. IT doesn't taste like a pizza at Papa Johns or Publix. That's why I hate Whole Food, everything tastes like crap. If they could make healthy things that taste good I would shop there.

Hey G.S. Patton, I agree with you about Mr. Macky being a real man. I hope he can weather the storm and eventually the liberals will get angry about something else.

Anonymous said...

Idiots here.

Brian - NY said...

Well said Anonymous 1:42

Precise and to the point.

You may have a career in the media.

Bobby said...

"Idiots here."

---How tolerant of you, you must be a liberal.