Friday, August 07, 2009

Some political statements should be reported to the White House??

The following appears on the White House blog:
There is a lot of disinformation about health insurance reform out there, spanning from control of personal finances to end of life care. These rumors often travel just below the surface via chain emails or through casual conversation. Since we can’t keep track of all of them here at the White House, we’re asking for your help. If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to

The Left are always claiming that certain things will have a "chilling" effect on free speech but this strikes me as a real-life example of it. If you email criticisms of Obamacare, you go on an official list of some kind. Lists vary, of course, but anybody who has lived under the former socialist governments of Eastern Europe will tell you that being on a socialist government's list can be very bad news.

Taranto covers the matter at some length and I like the following comment from him:
At the very least, it is obnoxious to imply that all opposition to ObamaCare is based on “disinformation.” This show of contempt for opposing views ought to make skeptics even more skeptical. And it is creepy for an agent of the government to ask citizens to inform on their neighbors.

There certainly is a whiff of old Eastern Europe about it all.

There are several quite sane, sober and factual articles about the "end of life" provisions of the draft health bill on SOCIALIZED MEDICINE. There is certainly much more than a "rumor" to it.

See here for the bromide that the White House has issued as a response to criticisms such as the above.


Stan B said...

My friends, I confess that I am a fellow traveler with Emmanuel Goldstein! I am guilty of thought crime, and opposition to 'The One!' I deserve whatever punishment for my crimes that The One may decree.

Please, report me before I corrupt others with things so mundane as truth and facts, which I know to be such dangerous concepts that we are no longer allowed to discuss them!

mcnasty said...

Seems like I remember another president that kept a list like that. Richard Milhouse (I'm not a crook) Nixon comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

Rethuglicans are spreading LIES about health care. If you punks don't like America, then get the HELL out. Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

This is the climate many Americans voted for last Nov. When you look back at many of Obummer's campaign speechs, he actually told the people these things were going to happen. And because of the "anesthestia" fed to them by the media and other parts of the Left, the people fell for it. It was like watching "Jones Town" all over again. In the end, the weak, mindless, gullible, American voters always get exactly what they deserve.

Amerika now has a Marxist president and a congress that is controlled by the radical Left. The people will pay a very heavy price for their inability and unwillingness to think for themselves. Fortunately for them, they're far too stupid to realize just how much it will cost them.

J. Birch said...

That's funny Anon 1:38, because it's many Demoncrats who are uncovering the lies contained in the so-called health care bill. The few people who are still capable of thinking understand that the bill has nothing to do with healthcare, and everything to do with power and control.

I understand that facts and truth to those of you on the left, is like Holy water to a vampire. Unfortunately, the end result is not the same.

Anonymous said...

Seems like i remember hitler keeping enemies lists too. Beware of the rise of himmler and the gestapo again. How you like your hope and change now? We are getting close to a police state. Time for an underground to start.

Anonymous said...

And the worst part of this is the fact that all the "disinformation" came from the Joker's own lips. The White House wants us to snitch on people who are simply telling the truth about things Joker has said in the past. America is waking up and figuring out the inept "leader" they elected is really as bad as we all sid he was, perhaps worse.

Anonymous said...

Rethuglicans are spreading LIES about health care.

What are those lies? Be specific, please.

The essential truth here is that as the bill is read and analyzed by more and more people, the truth buried deep within it is exposed. Left with nothing else, the left can only 1) call people names as if that will discredit what they have said, 2) call their points "lies" and pray that no one notices that you haven't actually addressed how what was said was a lie, and 3) start a watchdog list on people that are spreading what you think are "lies."

There is no reason at all for this "list" other than to put pressure on people that think contrary to Obama and his minions.

This is quite contrary to the reaction of the Bush White House who, when there were debates, discussions, (and provable lies by the left) said "we welcome debate and think that it is healthy for democracy."

Obama, on the other hand, hates the idea that he can be challenged. Liberal Representatives are running away from their constituents rather than addressing their concerns. We now have in place a government that is openly saying that if you disagree with them, you should be reported to the authorities.

The parallels to Communism and Socialist Germany are frightening.

Dean said...

Anon 6:31:

The parallels to pre-NAZI Germany and the man who led it there have been evident to anyone who really listened to Obama from the very first. Take from the rich, give to the poor. We need a national civilian security force answerable to the president. Insurance companies need to be replaced with national health care.

And now his administration wants citizens to report those who disagree with them to the government. For what purpose? Reprisal? Re-education?

It's obvious they want to discourage any discussion of or disagreement with Obama's goals. Even more similarity with certain Eastern European countries and their leaders.

Obama is the most frightening person in America today, a man who would lead us into socialism and totalitarianism. With himself as the sainted savior, of course.

Part of the parallel are those who voted Obama into power. As a group they want someone to take care of them rather than take care of themselves, a higher power to direct their lives.

I recall many intense discussions with a California liberal some years back. His idea of nirvana was a government which would dictate who we married, what education we had, how many children we had and when, where we lived, where we went for vacations, what we were allowed to drive.

Most likely he is now crying tears of joy at our present administration. May his joy last only four years, and may the next administration be able to put us back on the right track is my fervent prayer.

Dean said...

It must be said that at times I let myself be carried away and write things that are not, well, really necessary. For example, see my comment above that Obama will lead us into totalitarianism with himself as the sainted savior.

That is an unfair statement. He is trying to lead us into socialism, there is no doubt of that. But even I must admit that he probably isn't thinking of totalitarianism. Maybe he does consider himself the savior of the country. Most idealists do, however radical their ideas.

I'm sure Obama feels, deep inside, that future generations will look back on his presidency with the same reverence given George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln.

Anyway, I apologize for going a little overboard. But not for my feelings about Obama's policies.

J. Birch said...

Dean, one should never apologize for making an honest and intelligent statement, less the Obamunists win. I believe if you take a closer look, you will notice that it's not socialism that we're headed for, it's Marxism. Total control of the masses and everything they do and say. Control of what the masses think is already well underway, thanks to the leftist media.

Robert said...

And so it seems we witness the birth of an American Gestapo. This is one birth for which I would be very much in favor of an abortion!