Monday, August 31, 2009

Town-hall clash! Cop vs. Obama 'Joker' poster

We read:
"This used to be America," argued a protester outside a health-care town hall meeting in Reston, Va., after a police officer threatened him with arrest for holding up a sign with a picture critical of Barack Obama.

The officer's response? "It ain't no more, OK?"

A video of the town hall held earlier this week by Rep. Jim Moran, D-Va., shows an unnamed protester standing on school grounds carrying a sign that read "Organizing for National Socialist Health Care – The Final Solution" and depicted Barack Obama in the Joker's makeup.

Officer Wesley Cheeks Jr. then told the protester that even though others were holding signs, his sign was unacceptable because of the depiction of Obama.



Anonymous said...

A very clear case of a First Amendment violation. And i'd bet the officer was black.

Anonymous said...

This protestor has one hell-of-a lawsuit going for him. Not only did this "officer" violate his First Amendment rights, which covers political speech, but he's also guilty of threatening the protestor with, what is clearly, false arrest! Trespassing? "I can charge you with anything i want"? This "officer" is a perfect example of the realities of affirmative action!

Ed said...

'Getting your news from World Nut Daily is like getting a pizza from Auto Zone.'

So does the source make the actions of that uniformed Obamaite thug any less true or appalling? Referring to WND is more credible than the left using the Daily Kos, Huffington Post or the Democrat Underground blogs as a news source.


Anonymous said...

Getting your health care from Big Bro would be like paying 10 times the normal cost for a pizza and it would have no toppings and it would be cold... dead cold.

Uncle Sambo wants YOU!

Bobby said...

The cop should be suspended without pay for a few days, that will teach him to respect the first amendment.

Edith Moi said...

you're fired! NEXT!

Anon 3:09 said...

Anonymous said...
A very clear case of a First Amendment violation. And i'd bet the officer was black.

Now that i've looked at the video, it seems i win the bet! Actually, i cheated a bit, since i know that the Demoncrats usually use black police officers at their town hall meetings when they fear some American citizens may show up and have the nerve to ask a question.

Use the Name, Luke said...

"Getting your news from World Nut Daily is like getting a pizza from Auto Zone."

Another leftist that can't handle the truth.

Genetic fallacy.

Who are you gonna believe? An Anonymous leftist? Or the actual video?

This video has been all over the blogosphere ever since it hit YouTube. Yet you still cast about for any flimsy excuse to somehow pretend it didn't actually happen. But your excuse is so transparent that it makes the Emperor's New Clothes look real. Congratulations on your willingness to buy the party line hook, line, sinker, rod and boat.

Anonymous said...

" The degree of statism in a country’s political system, is the degree to which it breaks up the country into rival gangs and sets men against one another. When individual rights are abrogated, there is no way to determine who is entitled to what; there is no way to determine the justice of anyone’s claims, desires, or interests. The criterion, therefore, reverts to the tribal concept of: one’s wishes are limited only by the power of one’s gang.”
– Ayn Rand

Anonymous said...

Birds of a feather flock "whitey" together.

Damn, I knew I shoulda picked my own cotton!

Kaelinda said...

I've seen people carrying signs depicting Obama as a joker, but there's nothing on their signs or in their screaming that indicates they have any idea what they're talking about. I've also seen people scratching their crotches in public - and the sign carriers are guilty of the same kind of impropriety. The fact is that none of the 'socialist' fears suffered by the so-called 'right' have been shown to be well founded. Even in the comments for this article - speculating that the officer is the product of affirmative action, that he is an Obama supporter, that it is appropriate to call him names - show the lack of courtesy that used to be rather common in the United States.