Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Must not mention that many kitchenhands are illegals

We read:
"Steve Levy, the Suffolk County executive, is a funny guy. Or so he thinks. His jokes, though, are not making many people laugh. Take for example the one he told at a roast at Captain Bill's Restaurant in Bay Shore, L.I., last week.

Newsday reports that Levy asked someone in the audience, who happened to be a Canadian native, if he was a U.S. citizen. The man answered that he was, to which Levy is reported to have said that was good, because if he wasn't "I'd have to deport you, like the guys back there in the kitchen."

Isn't that funny? The "guys back there in the kitchen" must have been rolling with laughter. Especially because the jokester was the same person who in 2007 had asked county cops and Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers to raid homes where illegal immigrants were believed to be living.



Anonymous said...

Perhaps what made the joke funny is the fact that it's true? Long Island NY is over-run with illegals. But to be fair, it's the residents who hire them for assorted jobs who are to blame. No work. No illegals.

There are many old sayings that apply to life in NYC and it's surrounding suberbs like, "finding an honest politician in NYC is harder than finding a parking space. And there ain't no parking spaces!" As you can see, they may not always be funny, but they're true.

Another saying is, "of all the thousands of resturants in NYC and it's suberbs, you can't find one that doesn't have an illegal Mexican cooking in the kitchen". Another one that's not really funny, but oh-so true.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it was a joke. At least it wasn't a funny one.

- "Are you a criminal?"

- "No... no I'm not"

- "That's good... Otherwise I'd have to arrest you like those guys over there"

- "Very funny Mitch... Ha ha haa... You sure know how to tell a joke, you do!