Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nazis for Me, but Not for Thee

We read:
"It’s this week’s fashion on the left, and among such fashionably contemplative moderates as Mort Kondracke, to blast Rush Limbaugh for comparing Democrats to the Nazis. It’s no surprise that the Obama hardcores are misrepresenting the sequence and substance of events, but I would have hoped that Kondracke would at least have noted that Rush’s comparison — even if Kondracke thought it unwise — was neither gratuitous nor demagogic.

To recap, the speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, started this episode by comparing American citizens who oppose Obamacare to the Nazis and asserting that her political opponents were donning “swastikas.” (Sen. Barbara Boxer simultaneously ripped Obamacare dissenters for their Brooks Brothers suits — it’s not altogether clear where on the twill the swastika goes.) Pelosi’s tactic was the shopworn smear we on the right have dealt with for six decades. There is no conceivable substantive connection between opposition to Obamacare and German National Socialism — they are antithetical. By invoking the Nazis, Pelosi was patently slandering dissenters as racist thugs.

Rush responded, and the response did not smear Democrats. He repeatedly and explicitly qualified that no one was saying Obama was Hitler, that Pelosi was Goebbels, or that the Democrats were engaged in the genocidal barbarity of the Third Reich. The comparison he drew was a substantive one: between the Democrats’ proposal for socialized medicine and the German installation of socialized medicine beginning with Bismarck and reaching its shocking apotheosis with Hitler’s National Socialism. The point was to show that if Pelosi wanted to engage in Nazi comparisons, the health-care policies of Nazi Germany had far more in common with the health-care policies of the Democrats than with those of the conservative opposition, which wants health care kept private and reforms to be market-based.



G.S. Patton III said...

By now, everyone should realize that there's absolutely no connection between Queen Pelosi's brain and her mouth. The wild-eyed wannabe ruler of the country, who often looks like an out-of-control crack addict, apparently doesn't realize that her thoughts often fall out of her mouth when faced with TV cameras, much to our enjoyment.

As for this whole Nazi thing, it is simply the Left doing what the Left always does, which is to keep their enemies on the defensive with lies and distortions. It's one of their oldest and most effective tricks, especially when turned into a national "outrage" by their allies in the media. But for the first time, there's a problem with that tactic. The people (amazingly) are starting to catch on. They are starting to see through the Left's flimsy lies, and they're reacting.

So why the fear on the part of the Left? Because in politician years, the 2010 elections are just around the corner. And, if there's one sure-fire way to make these elected, lying, crooks panic, it's to threaten, what are basically, their very well paying, no-show careers. We mortals need air and water to survive. Politicians need only power.

Anonymous said...

GSP = idiot. Look it up.

Use the Name, Luke said...

Anon 2:27,

Thanks for demonstrating GSP's point:

"it is simply the Left doing what the Left always does, which is to keep their enemies on the defensive with lies and distortions. "

Brian - NY said...

Anonymous 2:27:

What's with the 2-year-old style retort? Look what up?

If you cannot contribute a logical and well-thought out response with the proper references, your words serve no purpose than to show your own immaturity.

G.S.Patton III simply stated his observations and predictions on what is facing the Democrat party in the coming election.

The article itself points out that Rush has again been misquoted, which anyone can see if he or she only looks at the complete transcript or listens to the portion of his show containing the referenced statements.

YOU look it up, then come back and present your argument logically, not like that of a two-year-old.

Aaron C. said...

Anonymous said...
GSP = idiot. Look it up.
2:27 AM

And liberals actually want to run the country. That's both sad and funny. With a comment like the above from 2:27, is it any wonder that every single one of their social experiments over the last 50 years has failed? In fact, has the left ever done anything that hasn't failed?

Anonymous said...

Mort Kondracke is a moderate? Maybe from Nancy Pelosi's point of view.

Anonymous said...

"By now, everyone should realize that there's absolutely no connection between Queen Pelosi's brain and her mouth."

I disagree G.S. Patton III.

There is definitely a Botox thread running from her brain, through Nancy's forehead connected to her mouth.

That's why she looks like Mortimer Snurd everytime she decides to utter her Liberal propaganda.

G.S. Patton III said...

Sorry bogs, i stand corrected.

Robert said...

It has become rather entertaining to see Pelosi's casual throwing the word "Nazi" around in an attempt to smear ordinary Americans deftly turned around by Rush Limbaugh to expose who the closest to the Nazis ideologically really are. Of course those of us who have been reading the Dissecting Leftism blog and the monographs there have known the truth since reading them, but this will wake up the rest of the country to the truth as well. This is a great case illustrating the hazards of casually throwing around words as insults without knowing what the word really means. Whatever Nancy Pelosi tried to throw with the false charges of Nazism boomeranged and landed on the Democrat party.