Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Must not say blindness is a handicap??

Regarding Democrat NY governor Paterson who is both blind and black and whom the Democrats are trying to get rid of. Schwartz is a Pateron aide:
"Schwartz didn't comment on Gaspard's call yesterday but ripped into Staten Island Democratic state Sen. Diane Savino, who said Paterson's blindness may make it difficult for him to be an effective governor - especially in a digital age.

Schwartz called the comments "insensitive and totally inappropriate" and said "Diane Savino owes a public apology to Gov. Paterson ... [and] every visually impaired New Yorker."


Paterson appears to have got the job as deputy governor as a "token black" but when Eliot Spitzer imploded over his wandering penis, Paterson became top dog. His public approval ratings as governor are in the basement however and Democrats know that they will lose with him as the candidate in the next gubernatorial election.


A. NY'er said...

David Paterson has been skulking around the back rooms of NYS politics for years. One of the reasons Idiot Spitzer picked him as Lt. governor, aside from being the token black, was because he was known to be an "obedient", hard-core, liberal Demoncrat. The fact that he can't see and does whatever he's told only added to his attractiveness. But as everyone in Albany knew, and as the public has since found out, Paterson is a totally incompetent failure as governor, a position he was never meant to occupy.

If he were not part of one of the most incompetent and corrupt state governments in the country, he would never have ascended past the position of "state go-for".

Bobby said...

So the liberal media doesn't remember making fun of John McCain after he admited not using a computer and not knowing how to check his e-mail?

Funny how liberal logic works, it's ok to trash McCain, it's ok to praise Obama for using a blackberry and being into gadgets, but Patterson's technological disability can't be mentioned in a negative way.

To be fair, there are blind people who use braille computers that allow them to read what's on the screen through a modification in the keyboard.

The thing with Paterson is that he's not completely blind, so he probably doesn't know how to read braille.

Anonymous said...

He had no trouble finding the coke all those babes! And i'll bet he can clearly see what's coming in the next election.

Anonymous said...

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