Monday, August 10, 2009

Dangerous to call Obama a "Nagger"

We read:
"A racially charged sign that takes aim at President Barack Obama is raising eyebrows in northern Kentucky. The sign is located along Main Street in Glencoe at the Eagle Hill Armoury gun store.

The sign reads, "Obama complains Americans are fat, police act stupid, U.S.A. is a bully, the president is a nagger." However, at some point over the weekend, the last word was changed to be a racial slur. The store owner said that he changed the sign immediately after being told about the slur and that he reported the issue to police.

The man who owns the sign, Bryan Roach, said that vandals changed the sign.... Many people in Glencoe said that they believe local children were to blame.



Bobby said...

Obama is not the only one complaining that Americans are fat, even republican governor Huckabee got in the act after he lost all that weight. In fact, there is mass hysteria when it comes to weight in this country.

As for calling him a "nagger," this isn't the first time someone gets in trouble for using that word. You gotta speak the language of the street, just call him "bitchy" or something that the ignoramuses understand.

Anonymous said...

Well, if i were a left-wing Obummer supporter, and i saw the original sign, i would also change it just to make the Right look bad. Those on the far-left do this type of thing all the time, then scream for Conservative blood.

Anonymous said...

"just call him "bitchy" or something that the ignoramuses understand."

Like Sara Palin and her ilk.

Bobby said...

"Like Sara Palin and her ilk."

---You know, Sara Palin got the oil companies in Alaska to pay more taxes, he improved things there. What has your negro in the White House done for this country so far? What are his accomplishments? Your communist organizer, oops, I meant
"community" organizer is nothing more than a sham and a fake. He is the worst thing that has happened to this country.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon 4:37 - If I don't like the direction that Obama is taking the country, am I allowed to say so or do I just have to 'get out the way quietly.' Oh, and please don't report me to the White House - there is no misinformation here!!

J.Q. Public said...

Anon 4:37's remark shows how much fear Demoncrats and the Left have of Sarah Palin. Here is a woman who no longer even holds a public office and they're still attacking her. There have been very few people on the Right who have managed to cause that much fear on the Left. For that reason alone, she'll have my vote if she decideds to take our country back.

Anonymous said...

"Many people in Glencoe said that they believe local children were to blame."

Correction: Local, Conservative, trouble-making WHITE children of Tea party attending Republican anarcists!

At least the kids know how to spell the word correctly.

Anonymous said...

blobsidebunny, you're a racist and a bigot.

BTW YOU didn't spell anarchist correctly

Anonymous said...

"they're still attacking her"

It's fun to attack the witless.

Robert said...

Life imitates art! South Park had an episode showing Stan's father on Wheel of Fortune, getting to the bonus round, with the category of "People that annoy you". Funny as heck, and you can just see what's coming.

People that annoy you

Anonymous said...

It will be a long long long time before America elects another Nagger to the white house after this one is gone. Stormewaters

InFides said...

Hello Good Gentles All!

So the store owner was niggardly in his praise of Obama ... what conservative is not these days?