Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Must not call a Lebanese a terrorist?

Many Lebanese are Muslims but I don't know if this guy is. I guess he does look terrifying so I can understand the description:
"After getting booted from Big Brother 11 on Aug. 15, Chime Simone is not giving any interviews to the press, but she did issue one statement on Wednesday. Since she remains under contract with CBS, the network apparently approved her request to send an apology for a remark she made on the show to, a celebrity gossip site that previously employed Simone as a freelance journalist.

According to one source, the site had been receiving protest emails because of Simone’s behavior in the BB house — specifically when she called fellow houseguest Russell Kairouz [pic above], a Lebanese-American, “a terrorist.” Simone made the comment after Russell had repeatedly yelled at her and other houseguests. “I used a phrase that was insensitive given his Middle Eastern descent, and I apologize to all who are justifiably offended with my use of that racially charged term,” Simone wrote in an e-mail to the website. But she fell short of apologizing to Kairouz. “Russell constantly demoralized many of us on a consistent basis and his conduct was alarming, daunting and terrifying,” Simone wrote."


You can of course call Christians "Taleban" all you like.


Stan B said...

So the term Terrorist is now "racially charged?"

I'm sorry, but anyone who behaves in a manner to produce "terror," and further their political or social agenda qualifies, whether they just bully and threaten or blow up a bus.

And that show is all about politics and social interaction! If he terrified people in an attempt to win, he's a TERRORIST.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing how so-called reality TV shows have about as much to do with reality as does "professional" wrestling? More amazing is how this intellectually insulting "entertainment" causes talent-less nobody's to become "stars". If it were not for a mindless public that has become addicted to this crap, places like McDonalds, Wendy's, and Dairy-Queen wouldn't be short of employees. Doesn't say much for the public, does it.

Fact: In the 2004 presidential election, "far more" people voted for the American Idol winner than did for their own president. Then they wonder why Amerika has become the living symbol of FUBAR.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a terrorist ... I AM THE MOB!!

Use the Name, Luke said...

I don't watch BB, so I don't really know what they do there. But don't shows like this actually encourage behavior that is "alarming, daunting and terrifying"—otherwise known as aggressive? Playing the game as intended doesn't make someone a "terrorist." Rude? Overly aggressive? Maybe.

Applying the label "terrorist" to someone who's not actually a terrorist weakens the meaning of the word and slanders a person who doesn't deserve it. It sounds to me like Ms. Simone realized she was wrong and voluntarily offered an apology. If that's actually the case, then she did the right thing.

Bobby said...

"I guess he does look terrifying so I can understand the description"

---I shave my head too, do I look terrifying? :)

Anonymous said...

“Russell constantly demoralized many of us on a consistent basis and his conduct was alarming, daunting and terrifying,”
Sounds like a terrorist to me.

Mongo said...

Who cares? It's just yet another "reality" show. If those people had half a brain, they would know what they would be in for.

Mongo said...

"You can of course call Christians "Taleban" all you like."

I prefer "delusional"

Geoffrey Sturdy said...

With a name like Russell wouldn't he be a Lebanese Christian ?

Anonymous said...

"Delusional" is a word best suited to liberals and atheists.

Anonymous said...

People who don't believe in Thor are delusional. His existence is obvious whenever you hear thunder, who can deny that. People who are athorists just hate Thor because they fear his mighty hammer will strike them on the day of judgement in Valhalla.