Friday, October 24, 2014

Watch those swastikas

The cross on the book cover above has hooks on the end of it that can make it look like a swastika.  One wonders if the artist was aware that Hitler called his symbol a "hooked cross".  It seems likely.  The symbol on the book was certainly asking for trouble and may have been a deliberate provocation.  It is clearly an attempt to slime American Christians as Nazis.  That hundreds of thousands of American Christians died fighting Nazism is not mentioned of course

Amazing the trouble that a reaction-baiting local TV news segment can work up, isn’t it? In Euclid, a small city to the east of Cleveland, Ohio, the race to send a representative to the state house in Columbus recently got a healthy injection of political punk art—not always the most welcome addition to a candidate’s resume. The controversy stems from a book that one of the candidates wrote in 2008, a book of good old-fashioned pamphleteering called Please God Save Us. The text of the book is by current Euclid school board member and possibly future state representative Kent Smith, and the art is by renowned master of the punk rock poster idiom, Derek Hess.

On September 22, a markedly one-sided news segment by political reporter Tom Beres on local station WKYC all but accused Smith of being a virulent anti-Semite—over a book that has nothing to do with Jews or Judaism—because Hess (not Smith), in order to land a specific point about specifically extremist brand of Republican thinking—incorporated a modified swastika in some of the images.



Use the Name, Luke said...

It seems like the entire premise of the book is a provocation. The "hooked cross" is relatively minor.

stinky said...

Just the usual PC drivel from one of the usual drivel crowd, desperate to provoke a reaction and thereby prove that they matter enough to be noticed. We get the same thing from the trolls here, but they're easy enough to slap down.

Bird of Paradise said...

And what about the Hammer & Spycle? isnt that just as offensive to those who suffered under communism?