Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Model Chrissy Teigen quits Twitter after 'sea of hate' following gun control comments

MODEL (and Twitter favourite) Chrissy Teigen has quit the social media site after getting lost in a "sea of hate and anger" over comments she made regarding gun control.

The 28-year-old, who quickly gained a following on the site thanks to her irreverent sense of humour, was slammed by Twitter users in response to her comments regarding last week’s Ottawa shootings.

“Active shooting in Canada, or as we call it in America, Wednesday,” Tiegen wrote. “That's not a joke. It is a fact. ... I've lost faith in this world. Sorry if it comes off as being unemotional. There is just so much bad.”

Tiegen, who’s married to musician John Legend, quickly copped a landslide of hate, which prompted her to clarify that she was not making a joke at the expense of Canada, but as an observation about gun control in America.

However her clarification did little to stop the vitriol.

At one point, Teigen posted a photo of the responses she was getting on Twitter, suggesting the site should be more proactive about stopping threatening tweets.

Enough was enough, though, for the model.  “I can't see anything through the sea of hate and anger that is now my Twitter. Seriously I can't sift through it all,” she said. “It's gotten to the point people don't even see (t)he simplicity of the original tweet and have just wanted to get shaking-mad over something.”


I gather that the hate came from Leftists who felt that she was "trivializing" gun crime.  Leftists see gun crime as an argument for gun control so don't like to see it dismissed.


Bird of Paradise said...

Gosh i thought Canada was suppost to be safe from guns becuase of their strict gun control laws and death treaters need to lose their citizenships

Stan B said...

Canadians live a charmed, but not free, life, and any disruption to their perfect world is a national tragedy, eh? Making light of national tragedies by pointing out that every day in some of our (the US's) least "free" cities there are the same tragedies on a grand scale is apparently something the Canadians and their sympathizers can't handle.

Anonymous said...

We have high rates of gun crime in Australia that is hidden by the media because the criminals are mainly middle eastern. We had our guns removed by the government because of several nutters which left the majority defenceless in the name of political correctness. Essentially the population is defenceless until the police arrive. This was achieved under a conservative government. What was the hidden agenda?

Dean said...

It looks like some cannot understand what she was expressing: sadness at the killing that takes place in this world. There is nothing humorous in what she wrote, no insult to anyone that can be seen.