Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Must not criticize PBS

After a sales representative at Harper’s Magazine received a phone call on September 18 from a disgruntled advertiser, the subject of a critical story printed the week before, Publisher John R. MacArthur wasn’t surprised that it decided to pull ads from subsequent issues. But he was shocked by who that advertiser was: PBS, the public broadcaster famous for Big Bird and Ken Burns’ epic historical documentaries.

“Our readers are their viewers, which is why we thought it was an important story,” MacArthur said, referring to an essay in the October issue, “PBS Self-Destructs,” which argues that corporate and political influence increasingly cloud the network’s programming. “We’re part of the same family. So to have done such a petty thing does make me suspicious.”

Pulling advertisements is an age-old tactic for businesses facing media criticism to seek retribution. But in the case of PBS, which exists in part as a way to limit commercial influence on educational television, doing so just feeds into writer Eugenia Williamson’s thesis — that the idealistic, Great Society-era initiative often behaves more like a corporate or political organism.



Anonymous said...

PBS is a liberal cesspool what did you expect?

Liberals cannot stand any opinion that differs from theirs. You are free to criticize; republicans, conservatives, whites or christians but NOT THEM!

The party of tolerance and inclusion my ASS!

Anonymous said...

PBS is an ultra liberal organization that for the last dozen years has dropped all pretense of balanced journalism. They should stop receiving public funding because they are a defacto arm of the democratic party.


Bird of Paradise said...

PBS is nothing but leftists propeganda and lies I quit watching it many many moons ago becuase of their annoying Pledge breaks and this Evolution,Global w arming poppycock