Monday, October 27, 2014

In the land of the perpetually offended

UK: Parents want Disney’s Frozen T-shirt pulled from shelves because picture of Elsa 'looks like she's flicking the V-sign and is encouraging children to swear'

Parents have complained that t-shirts featuring a character from the blockbuster movie Frozen are a bad influence on their children because she appears to be making an offensive gesture.

They say that the £9.99 tops, which are for sale through H&M, show Elsa apparently making a V-sign, and are calling for the chain to pull the t-shirts because they say their children are copying the pose.

The Disney character features on millions of items of merchandise, including clothes and stationery, and is supposed to be making snowflakes with her special powers.

The £9.99 long-sleeved t-shirts are currently on sale in high street clothes store H&M and on their website. 



Anonymous said...

Just where are these people's minds? Are they constantly thinking about obscene things? She's standing with her hand open you morons! Is that famous picture of Winston Churchill flashing the victory sign now obscene?

Anonymous said...

Churchill was careful to have the palm always outwards with his famous V for victory, whereas the palm is always inwards for the offensive V-sign (apparently not so well known in the US where it is more common to show the middle finger only as an obscene gesture).