Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Free Speech Exercised, Tested At U Kentucky's Constitution Day

Some high school and UK students crowded into the Cats Den Wednesday for the university’s annual Constitution Day Celebration.  Since 2004 all publicly funded universities are required by law to commemorate the signing of the document and provide an opportunity for reflection on the freedoms it affords.

The right of free speech was tested however with the appearance of U-S Senate write-in candidate Robert Ransdell who used his allotted time to deliver a racist rant about the "Jewish-owned and controlled media," as well as to "stress the need for this nation's white majority to recognize that they have ethnic interests," before having his microphone cut off by the sound crew.

The horrified high school teachers then hustled their students to their respective buses, prompting this rejoinder from UK Rural Journalism director Al Cross.

"You've just witnessed in this hall a laboratory experiment about the extent and nature of free speech.  I think most of you found the remarks of the write-in candidate deeply offensive, however in this country people do have the right to speak, even if their views are offensive.  Now organizations can have their own rules about how much access they are going to give people like that but they do have a right to speak," Cross said.


Many Jewish writers think that antisemitic speech should not be suppressed.  Suppressing it gives the impression that there might be something in it.  And note below that antisemitism is also still found on the Left.


Use the Name, Luke said...

We have the right to make the case for our position. We don't have the right to force others to listen to it or accept it.

Anonymous said...

A good tactical dictum is to know your opponent better than they know themselves. If you do not listen to their discourse and figure out how the logic (or lack thereof) flows you will not know the strengths and weakness of their viewpoint. This not only allows you to strengthen your positions but may show you new lines of inquiry to expand your horizons.


Bird of Paradise said...

Most liberals total'y reject the U.S. Constitution and want to total'y rewrite the constitution according to their leftists mentality

Anonymous said...

Allowing people to rant will do more to create opposing views than censoring their speech.

Go Away Bird said...

Give the liberal anti-free speech wanks a run for their money