Sunday, October 26, 2014

Must not smash watermelons

A winning high-school football coach was fired after the team’s tradition of eating watermelon after games was deemed “inappropriate” and “racist.”

Bud Walpole had been coaching Academic Magnet Raptors football team, and was in the middle of a very successful season, according to CBS Charlotte. 

A current Raptors player said the tradition began when players bought watermelons from a man who had been selling them on their route to the game. If they won the game, the team decided, they would eat the watermelon. After they did win, they smashed the watermelon on the ground and then ate it. (The team had to smash their victory fruit because they, understandably, did not have a knife on the sidelines.)

The ritual continued at subsequent victories — until one parent from an opposing school allegedly complained.  According to Charleston school-board member Mike Miller, a parent approached him and said he was offended by the students eating watermelon. The parent also alleged some of the kids were making what sounded like monkey noises.

This parent’s complaint led to a Charleston County School District investigation into the watermelon-eating and Walpole’s eventual firing.

Walpole will still be allowed to teach at the school. Thousands have signed an online petition demanding that he be reinstated as coach.


EVERYTHING is "offensive" to someone these days


Anonymous said...

What sort of country is this where racist fruit can be sold openly and so misused? Why stop with the coach? The sellers, indeed the growers and seed purveyors must all be punished and publicly shamed.Only then will our youth be made to understand the heinous nature of their though crime.

Yes, heavy sarcasm here and a heavy heart for what this society has devolved into.

Anonymous said...

Like pumpkins with the American version of Halloween that is now spreading around the World, it will soon be a very bad or criminal thing anywhere in the World to handle a water-melon without extreme care, if at all, even though most people elsewhere in the World often won't understand the racist hangups of Amerians with regard to large fruit!

Anonymous said...

The coach has been reinstated but this never should have happened in the first place.

The coach had to make a written statement on and state that he will strive to be "racially sensitive."

Anonymous said...

So now only blacks can eat watermelons? How tribal can you get. I bet if you show a picture of a black person eating watermelon then you will be accused of racial stereotyping. Win/win for progressives trying to tear the social fabric of America apart for political purposes.

Anonymous said...

I'm Irish, I don't care if you associate potatoes with me, or ask me about potatoes. It's food! Get over the watermelon issues.

slinky said...

The real reason he was fired was because he wasted food, food that could have been giving for free to poor starving black children. It's for the children.

Anonymous said...

Some people really are too stupid to live.
Can you imagine the outcry if he'd tried to take the team out for a celebratory dinner at KFC? He would have been hung for sure.