Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Black face-paint to be banned at Arizona State U

It was a blackout game, meaning that fans were asked to wear all-black clothing, but painting your face black opened a very old can of worms

A student wearing blackface to a recent football game has outraged members of the Black and African Coalition, and they are helping write a bill to be presented to Tempe Undergraduate Student Government that will prevent insensitive incidents like these from happening in the future.

Several students were photographed at the blackout football game against UCLA wearing blackface and the photo was posted on news organizations’ websites as a sign of school spirit.

However, BAC President Kyle Denman said the photo shows insensitivity and ignorance to the diverse student population on campus.

“The historical context of blackface is that it is demeaning to the African-American culture,” Denman said. “It doesn’t show school spirit; it represents cultural insensitivity at the end of the day.”

The bill will help bring awareness to racial issues at ASU events and the insensitivity that is taking place on campus, Denman said.

Tempe USG Senator Isabelle Murray, who is writing the bill, said she has heard people speaking about the blackface not really being an issue.

“I know some people who have said it’s not really blackface, he just painted his face black but if you take that picture out of context, how does that reflect on ASU?” she said.



Jerry Doctor said...

Let's hope ASU never has a "redout game." Students might paint their faces red and we all know how these people feel about redskins.

With Arizona's immigrant issues you can forget about a brownout game. A yellowout game? And offend the Asians? I know, they could have a greenout day! Oops, there are some people that suffer from seasickness that want to talk to you. And before you even consider a blueout game you'd better think about the copyright issues.

I've got it! A rainbowout day. Not just acceptable but a great way to show your commitment to diversity!

Bird of Paradise said...

PC nonsnese rasies its rediculous head

Anonymous said...

Nobody ever mentions Michael Jackson's racism of whiteface, but then nobody considers white people to racial sensitivities do they?

Anonymous said...

Kyle Denman said the photo shows insensitivity and ignorance to the diverse student population on campus.
It is more correct to say that the protesters are ignorant.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:41

Hear, Hear!

Stan B said...

Wait - we aren't supposed to take things "out of context" when they are said or done by minorities (the phrase from the Koran "When opportunity arises, kill the infidels wherever you catch them." comes to mind] but when white people do something inoffensive (for example, camouflage their faces for a "blackout game") then we MUST take it out of context, declare it offensive, and try to ban it.

OK - I see the logic and reasoning!

Go Away Bird said...

No common sense no wonder our nations educatioin system total'y sucks