Monday, October 13, 2014

Swedish Artist Dan Park Sentenced Over Racist Art

Swedish artist Dan Park has been sentenced to six months in prison and fined $10,000 for artworks that depict Roma and black people in a derogatory and offensive light, the Guardian reports.

On Thursday, he was convicted of both defamation and inciting hatred against an ethnic group for nine posters he created that were eventually seized from Gallery Rönnquist & Rönnquist in the Swedish city of Malmö in early July. The owner of the gallery, Henrik Rönnquist, also received penalties in the form of a conditional sentence and a hefty fine.

One of the offending posters depicted black men with nooses wrapped around their necks, while another implied that specific Roma community leaders condoned crime.

While it is atypical for Swedish courts to give out prison sentences for artworks, it was decided that these pieces were transgressive enough to warrant time behind bars.


What artists put up is normally given very wide latitude but not in uptight Sweden, apparently


Anonymous said...

In Sweden you must not point out that unwanted immigrants have raised crime rates to a level that the local population is no longer prepared to accept. Particularly rape by African Muslims. PC correctness is blind to this of course.

Bird of Paradise said...

Living in a leftists run nation and the Euroweenie Union why we must oppose the North American(Soviet)Union

Go Away Bird said...

The three hanging stick man figures should be JESSIE JACKSON,AL SHARPTON and LOUIS FARKHAN