Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Even feminists must not criticise trannies

Julie Bindel, feminist author and co-founder of the group Justice for Women, is no stranger to campus censorship. The National Union of Students (NUS) LGBTQ policy used to ban Bindel from speaking at any union event, based on her allegedly transphobic opinions; ‘Julie Bindel is vile’ was an official clause in the NUS’s LGBTQ strategy.

Bindel’s opinions caused a big stir in 2004, when she wrote that a ‘world inhabited just by transsexuals’ would ‘look like the set of Grease’. And, 10 years later - despite the fact that the official, NUS ban was eventually dropped - she is still the target of students’ union moral posturing.

This week was no different: Bindel was invited and then disinvited from speaking at a student-run event at the University of Sheffield. In an email seen by spiked, Bindel’s invitation was cancelled days after she had accepted. The reason? The invitation was found to be in breach of a Sheffield Students’ Union policy – which states that all union-hosted events must be ‘LGBT friendly’. A student council voted to stop Bindel from speaking.

It is exactly this kind of pre-emptive censorship that is maintaining a babyish climate at British universities. Students’ union policies are so concerned with attaining the moral high ground that they won’t even entertain the presence of those they disagree with – regardless of the subject.

But even if Bindel was invited to speak on trans issues, even if she turned up dressed as John Travolta, in homage to her much-abhorred article, she should be allowed to speak. A debate without opposing and strong opinions is not a debate; it’s a bore. Students should seek out enthusiastic and opinionated speakers. This, after all, is how opinions are formed and tested – through argument.



Anonymous said...

That is the problem these days. LGBT demand equality and freedom, as long as you agree with them.

Bird of Paradise said...

the NUS sounds like just another bunch of little hitlers trying to censor anyone who opposes their nafarious plans just another liberal leftists group who needs to lose their tax exempt status

stinky said...

But if the Left embraces free argument, they'll lose, and they know it.

C. S. P. Schofield said...

I think that there is an air of desperation in the defense of the Trans. The Political Twits absolutely MUST suppress the fact that persons who have undergone "Gender reassignment surgery" are NOT now members of the other sex, they are mutilated victims of unethical doctors and insane politics.

Anonymous said...

Well said Spiked.
I agree completely.
The one place where people should be able to voice competing views is a University.

Stan B said...

Our universities are becoming bastions of "groupthink," where voicing a dissenting position is demeaned and even punished.

It's the same in America as in Britain. My "European History" class was taught by a Global Warming "true believer," and questions about the Medieval Warm Period were laced with the orthodoxy regarding today's "unprecedented" warming.

Free thinkers, and those who question authoritative liberal tropes, are not welcome.

Anonymous said...

The only people you can pillory and discriminate against with impunity are younger white heterosexual males. Older white heterosexual males are fair game unless it is related to employment.