Monday, October 06, 2014

Couple told to take down Australian flag because of “current political climate”

A DARWIN couple say they have been ordered to take down the Australian flag from their front yard because of the “current political climate.”

But homeowners Paul and Julie Lucas have refused to do so, instead choosing keeping their flag flying.

The pair finished renovations at their Stuart Park property complete with flag pole earlier this week.

Body corporate Castle Real Estate Managing Director Daniel Ferguson has denied he said it was because of the political climate.

“It doesn’t matter what the structure is,” Mr Ferguson said.  “Paul and Julie failed to apply to the body corporate for permission to erect a structure, no application has been made.”

Mr Lucas did not believe had to apply for permission.

On Wednesday morning, the body corporate from their unit complex - Castle Real Estate - told them to pack away the flag.

“We’re patriotic people, I’m proud of my forefathers and what people continue to do for us in this country,” he said.

“It’s not there to upset anyone, (but) why do we have to be like this in our own country? People come here because they like the way we live.”

Mr Lucas said he served his country in the Defence Force and so did his father and grandfather.

Ms Lucas said she could not believe when she heard they had to remove the flag.  “I honestly thought it was a joke,” she said.

She said the flag was intended to be welcoming not excluding. “I embrace everybody no matter who they are, we work in a multicultural industry, it’s political correctness gone mad.

“Until you can show me a written law that says it is illegal to fly the Australian flag on your property that flag will remain.”



Anonymous said...

The US Home Owners Associations (HOA's) regularly come into conflict with veterans and others who feel pride in the national flag and come to grief in the courts.

I would have hoped Australian HOA's have learned the lesson given precedence appears in our courts courtesy of US and UK courts having an influence on our courts.

If it makes the HOA's insecure by flying the national flag in case local Muslim groups feel like making an example of them, then the Muslims have won and Sharia creeps that much closer. All this is made easier by government parties who want the national populace to remain disarmed just to make their job easier.

Anonymous said...

Keep it flying, don't cave, don't be a pussy!

Bird of Paradise said...

I suppose becuase it offends some whinny bunch of liberal pansies. Tell athorities to GO POUND SAND