Thursday, October 16, 2014

Naughty swastika

In Asia, swastikas are simply a traditional good luck sign and this item was made in Asia. "Swastika" is in fact an Indian term that was adopted by the British.  Hitler called his symbol a "hooked cross" (Hakenkreuz).  There are swastikas everywhere in India

Sears and have pulled a ring emblazoned with a swastika from their online stores after the Nazi-linked symbol sparked outrage on social media.  Sears apologized for the item on Tuesday and removed it from its catalogue. The company says the ring was a “third party marketplace item” that violated its guidelines.

Responding to one user who called the ring "disgusting," Sears tweeted: "This was a 3rd party Marketplace item that has since been removed for violating our guidelines. Thanks for your feedback."

The silver ring has a sideways black swastika etched into it, and was listed as a men’s punk rock fashion accessory online.

The item is no longer available on the Sears or Amazon websites, but a cached version of the Amazon webpage says the ring is made of .925 Thai silver and manufactured by CET Domain in Hong Kong.


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Bird of Paradise said...

What about the Hammer & Psycle a symbol of the commie scum suckers bash in skulls and decapiate innocent victims