Friday, October 10, 2014

Italian magistrate is condemned by country's highest court after referring to sex assault victim's breasts as 't*ts'

A magistrate in Italy has had his knuckles rapped by top justice officials after he used a vulgar slang term to refer to the breasts of a sexual assault victim.

The unnamed man was carpeted by the Court of Cassation - the country's highest court - after using the word 'tette' (t*ts) in official court documents.

During a case in Torre Annunziata, a town in Campania, the prosecuting magistrate used the term in a written judgement when he referred to an area where two men had touched an underage girl, reports the Ansa news agency.

'Tette' is considered a colloquial term for breasts. A more formal word like 'seni' ('breasts' or 'bosom') would normally be used in court.



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Mussolini Lives

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A rose by any other name.....

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In western USA, we have the Grand Tetons.