Sunday, October 19, 2014

Backlash against Leftist economic ignorance

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The opportunistic Ms Eagle

Labour and disability charities are facing a growing public backlash for making a ‘disgusting spectacle’ of remarks by a Government minister about minimum pay for disabled workers.

Shadow Cabinet minister Angela Eagle looked shocked as a BBC Question Time audience turned on her when she demanded that welfare reform minister Lord Freud should resign or be sacked.

Lord Freud suggested that some disabled workers were seen as ‘not worth’ the £6.50 minimum wage and mused on whether the Government might be able to top up their wages to enable more to get into workplaces.

Labour leader Ed Miliband ambushed David Cameron with a transcript of the recording at Prime Minister’s Questions this week, also insisting the minister should be sacked.

He has remained in his job after apologising, but Miss Eagle insisted on Thursday night: ‘I do think he should resign. I think what he said… has caused a great deal of offence to disabled people.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said on the programme it was clear Lord Freud had been talking about the state ‘topping up’ the incomes of disabled people.

One audience member agreed: ‘I think Angela Eagle is being extremely disingenuous. I think we all knew what he meant, even though he said it clumsily.’

Another person in the audience in Newbury, Berkshire, told Miss Eagle: ‘What you are doing is hypocritical point scoring and it’s disgusting.’

A young woman said: ‘I just wanted to see whether you [Eagle] would use this as a political football and you have done – thanks Angela.’

Yesterday a Conservative MP also defended Lord Freud, insisting that the minimum wage was having a detrimental impact on disabled people’s chances of finding work.



Anonymous said...

Just a much a nutter as the lefties in Australian parliaments. Must be something we inherited from the poms along with shop stewards.

Bird of Paradise said...

Seems to me that disable/Handicapped persons have more intelligence then the liberal buricrats