Friday, November 12, 2010

VicRoads under fire after refusing to observe Remembrance Day (Veteran's day) silence

VicRoads is the DMV in the Australian State of Victoria. If they really WERE concerned to avoid offending people, they would surely have realized that this will REALLY cause offence. It is an insult to all our troops, past and present -- and an insult to families who lost loved ones in Australia's many wars abroad -- and there are few families not affected by that. This is just some anti-military Leftist bureaucrat at work. Who the hell would the observance offend anyway? All nations honour their war dead
"VicRoads has come under fire after confirming it will not observe a minute's silence for Remembrance Day for fear of offending people.

The Victorian Government agency told 3AW radio it has not observed the tradition for a number of years as it is “conscious of possible different cultural issues and don’t wish to cause offence to anyone”.

VicRoads did not specify whether they feared upsetting employees, customers, or both.

The statement drew a furious reaction from listeners, many of whom described the stance as “offensive”. Roads Minister Tim Pallas said he was “aghast” when he heard of the policy this morning, and that steps would be taken to stop the practice, which he described as "wrong".

Remembrance Day is observed in Commonwealth countries on 11 November, to remember the sacrifices of members of the armed forces and civilians in times of war. Most workplaces and events such as the Australian Masters golf tournament will pause to observe a minute’s silence at 11am.


They eventually backed down under political pressure, of course


Anonymous said...

While it may be their right to not observe a moment of silence to honor veterans, they had better never infringe upon my rights to observe that moment of silence. I honor veterans with fervor.


Tidford Tatt said...

Get serious!

How can you possibly compare Remembrance Day to those things that appropriately deserve our respect and consideration? What decent human being would want to pay tribute to military thugs? What decent human being could tolerate anyone giving tribute to military thugs? No decent person - in fact no human being!

Those who wish to honor military thugs are not people at all! They are vermin! They deserve no consideration other than the boot on the throat. Only that will teach them tolerance, only that will teach them to equality and compassion.

I applaud those at VicRoads who understand that demented animals supporting or tolerating "a minute of silence" to "honor" military thugs must not be tolerated. These thugs must be stomped out! We on the Left understand that fascist capitalist pigs must never be tolerated. Only power in our hands will lead to a just and fair world of tolerance and equal rights for all.

We may not have achieved victory yet, but as our near victory at VicRoads proves, our numbers are swelling. We are everywhere, we are growing and soon we will be in power. Only the profound intolerance of fascist military thugs and their sickening hatred of compassion and equality have forced us to accept this disgusting "Minute of Hate!" It is too much!

Our numbers swell. Comrades, take over the Halls of Power. We are almost there. Soon we will not have to accept or tolerate any of the hate mongering of the fascist thugs; then we will teach them tolerance and love or we will exterminate them!

Peace and love!

Anonymous said...

Tatt, who do you think enabled you to enjoy the freedoms you do? The pansy-ass protesters? No. it was men in uniform who put their lives on the line to fight against those who would try to take our freedoms away.

Go back to burning your draft card and leave us alone.

We The People said...

"Our numbers swell. Comrades, take over the Halls of Power. We are almost there. Soon we will not have to accept or tolerate any of the hate mongering of the fascist thugs; then we will teach them tolerance and love or we will exterminate them!"

Sounds like another communist loser. They enjoy living in a fantasy world, one where their system actually works. (LOL) Talk about delusional! And they're usually cowardly gays who rant and run.

Remember this pansy. The life of (one) US Marine is worth more than (all) the communists, Marxists, anarchists, and leftists on the planet. Combined!

And politically speaking, your 15 minutes are up! Now you're going see some real change.

Anonymous said...

"VicRoads is the DMV in the Australian State of Victoria. If they really WERE concerned to avoid offending people...."

Offending what people?

Slimy, unwashed college kids?

Followers of the prophet Mohammed?

Aged Commie Gheys?

Does anyone really care if these worthless pieces of social dung are "offended" by a patriotic gesture?

Anonymous said...

Vic Roads is more than likely trying not to offend muslims who while not yet a large proportion of the community exist in numbers that are seen on a daily basis to make them scared of political incorrectness due to our presence in west asia.

Armistace day (Remembrance day) while not as sacred as ANZAC day, encompasses all wars and all the fallen regardless of country.

As for people like Tidford Tatt (tit for tat?)keep your opinions in your own country. We don't need foreign citizens feeding local socialist morons with crap. Learn your target country before you insult it you idiot.

Unlike the military, socialists have no honour they even feed on their own.

ex digger

jonjayray said...

I think Tidford Tatt might be a satirist

Anonymous said...

Yep some ppl can't see when they're baited! Then they look foolish, as was no doubt intended by the troll!

Tidford Tatt said...

JonJayRay has unmasked me‭!

Yes,‭ ‬my post above was a bit of over the top satire of socialist we all know and have been sickened by.‭ ‬Unfortunately,‭ ‬it was not really too far over the top.‭ ‬I hear garbage akin to my post above all too frequently.‭ ‬Hate fueled mind numbingly hypocritical rants by clueless buffoons,‭ ‬ranting on in blind rages about their hate filled foes.‭ ‬Folks who see their foes as being driven solely by hatred because,‭ ‬never having been motivated by anything other than hate,‭ ‬they themselves can understand no other pattern of thought.

The profound hypocrisy of their purported‭ “‬thought‭” ‬is so clear,‭ ‬yet they continue to gain ground.‭ “‬Why‭?” ‬I ask myself each day.‭

Perhaps the fault lies with us rational folk.‭ ‬We are not driven by self-serving rage but by decency and logic,‭ ‬so it is difficult to comprehend and confront such unthinking rage.‭ ‬Therefore most of us do not get in their faces and challenge their logic.‭ ‬We may correctly label them idiots and stomp from the room,‭ ‬but that is fruitless.‭ ‬They continue to rant while we stomp off and folks in between wet their pants in fear of the lunatic left.‭ ‬They win because fear is the Great Leash,‭ ‬but it can be snapped by clear thought.

My post above was typical leftist hypocrisy.‭ ‬Don’t call socialists names,‭ ‬blow their‭ “‬logic‭” ‬out of the water‭!

As an initially‭ ‬non-confrontational starting point,‭ ‬here is an interesting question to ask of Socialism supporters:‭

“Besides being the greatest monsters and mass murders of the last‭ ‬100‭ ‬years,‭ ‬what do each of the following have in common:‭ ‬Joseph Stalin,‭ ‬Adolph Hitler,‭ ‬Mao Zedung,‭ ‬Pol Pot,‭ ‬and‭ ‬Saddam Husein‭?”‬

Each was a self-identified Socialist.‭ ‬Why is this‭? ‬Socialism works‭ – ‬if the ultimate goal is to enslave.

There will always be vile men searching to gain absolute power over all people‭; ‬men who revel in destroying and debasing all others.‭ ‬To do so,‭ ‬such men need to attract willing followers to‭ ‬cheerfully‭ ‬do their‭ ‬depraved work.‭ ‬During the past‭ ‬100‭ ‬years all such successful villains have understood one thing‭; ‬to attract the‭ “‬right sort of person‭” ‬one needs to espouse the right sort of creed.‭ ‬During the past‭ ‬100‭ ‬years,‭ ‬Socialism has uniquely been the only effective creed to espouse when seeking followers who will gleefully murder their neighbors.‭

All competent would be genocidal dictators understand that to attract the sort of sociopath who will gleefully march their enemies into death camps only one thing works:‭

Preach Socialism and they will come.

Point this out to socialist sympathizers.‭ ‬Ask them to identify the capitalist who created a vile regime similar to those of socialist dictators.‭ ‬Ask them why socialism is uniquely the calling card of the genociders.‭ ‬Ask them why they stand shoulder to shoulder with such people.

Spurwing Plover said...

Who would be offended by a moment of silence for RMEMBERANCE DAY(VETERANS DAY)unless their a whining little long-haired maggot infested granola munching pussietard