Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Must not hug redheads?

We read:
"New Zealand's broadcasting watchdog has warned against picking on redheads, saying a radio station's "Hug-a-Ginga Day" caused distress among flame-haired children.

The Broadcasting Standards Authority examined the promotion on Edge radio in May after members of the public complained its use of terms such as "ginga", "fanta pants" and "ranga" were insulting.

In a majority finding published yesterday, the authority found the station's promotion appeared to be singling out a group because of its physical characteristics.

"It seems clear from the complainants' submissions that the promotion has resulted in people feeling unfairly singled out, unwanted physical attention, and some distress among red-haired children who fear teasing and bullying," it said.


"fanta pants" refers to the popular reddish fizzy drink of that name and "ranga" is short for "Orang Utan". Orangs have reddish hair.

My father had red hair and was invariably addressed by those who knew him as "Bluey". No offense was intended or taken.


ras said...

Red hair can be died or cut; it's a lifestyle choice, people!

(yeah, yeah, I know, leave irony to the pros)

(red hair? me? well ... a little)

Anonymous said...

They must be commies if they have red hair - lock them up or deport them.

stinky said...


Or Republicans! Therefore Dems are descended from blue-haired Smurfs. It's all so simple, really.

Anonymous said...

Do they not have anything better to do?

Anonymous said...

So I guess we can't do hug a fat chick day either, huh?