Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Must not describe blacks as hard working -- again

I noted on Oct 28th how a French Perfumier got into trouble over this. It looks like there is the same problem in Ireland.
"Evidence of racism, not simply in the form of direct violence, can be seen everywhere in Ireland. One UCD student, who did not wish to be identified, recalls how in her south Dublin school, racist phrases and slurs were commonplace among classmates on a regular basis while joking around with friends. These phrases were never corrected by anyone and were considered normal and funny.

Even members of our government have, on many occasions, been found to consider racist comments to be perfectly acceptable. For example, in January 2006 when Seanad leader Mary O’Rourke thanked her campaign helpers, describing them as having worked “like blacks”.


Blacks are not known as particularly hard working in America today so the figure of speech is simply old-fashioned.

I remember going into a KFC in NYC once, expecting the usual buzz of activity there. To my surprise I found that several of the (black) staff were sitting down and got to their feet to serve me with clear indications of reluctance. I have never seen the like before or since. The chicken wasn't up to the usual KFC standard either.

So just from that occasion (plus others) my impression of working like a black would be rather unlike the impression that the Irish lady appears to have.


Lucas said...

The term "working like a black" is used as a reference to slavery not to today's black work ethic.

Anonymous said...

Todays black work ethic? Surely you jest sir/madam.

In todays America, most blacks who have a job always seem to be angry. Are they upset because after 5 generations of sitting on a couch and waiting for that govt check, they are the unfortunate ones who must actually work. Blacks have been fed the "deliberately false" notion that because of something that happened 500 years ago, America, and it's tax payers, must spoon-feed them for eternity, and maybe longer.

After decades of "guidance" from the Democrat Left, who have done nothing but abuse blacks, those blacks truly believe they have a "right" to simply take from this society, and give nothing in return, other than raising the rates of violent crime. This is what guilt-ridden, mindless liberals have given us.

Lucas said...


I second everything you said. Today's work ethnic followed by blacks is self-destructive. They think everyone owes them for, as you said, things that happened centuries ago.

Well, man up.

Anonymous said...

I everyone can drag themself's out of ot pc tent the term I believe was "Working like a nigger"

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that this phrase would come up as "old fashioned". It does help make it clear that the difference between the time when this phrase was common and today there has been a major movement in work ethic (not limited to a single race however) and the change that has driven that movement is motivation.

Everyone (again not just one race) is being told all the time that because they can't succeed they shouldn't try. Sadly that self-defeating message has been taken to heart.

PoliticallyIncorrectLibertarian said...

In Latin countries it's very popular to say that you're working like a negro which means you're working hard. The historical origin of the phrase is this: When the Spanish colonizers forced the Indians to work in agriculture the Indians were succumbing to heat exhaustion. After all, it's not easy turning a hunter/gatherer into a farmer. So, the Spanish crown imported African slaves, their physical built and color makes them ideal for hot tropical climates and hard work. Unlike the Indians, the slaves were able to work hard, thus "working like a negro" remains a popular expression to this day.