Tuesday, November 02, 2010

SCOTUS to hear challenge to California censorship law

We read:
"Every state in the nation prevents minors from legally buying cigarettes, beer or porn magazines. Now the U.S. Supreme Court must decide whether to add violent video games such as ‘Postal 2′ to the tawdry list.

In a legal showdown set for Tuesday, the justices will hear arguments in a challenge to a 2005 California law that bars the sale or rental of violent video games to minors. They are reviewing two lower-court rulings that put the law on hold, saying it is too vague and runs afoul of the First Amendment.”



Anonymous said...

Should the question be "can minors buy violent video games?" or should it be, "do parents have the right to determine what a minor does while living in the parents' house?"

Seems to me that it is not the video game that is the problem, but parents that take no responsibility for the actions of their children.


Anonymous said...

How old is a "minor"? Is it 18? If it is, how then can a minor drive a car or be sent off to war? Or, is a minor now 26 years old, as depicted in Obummers health care law? Actually, i would like to know how the govt. can stop people from buying "legal, lawful" products based on age. Is that not age discrimination? And if it's not discrimination, why not a law that says you must be 6' tall to buy beer?

Obviously, this is the result of the Nanny State trying to interfere with every single aspect of our daily lives.

Anonymous said...

"Is that not age discrimination? And if it's not discrimination, why not a law that says you must be 6' tall to buy beer?"

Obviously height does not equate to developmental maturity, and neither does age. Problem is that there is no universal measurement of maturity, so something arbitrary must be adopted that accommodates the majority of people. You will never be able to please everyone.

Simply put, parents are not parenting like they should. When their little darling gets in trouble, they don't understand why someone didn't jump in to protect them. Yet they refuse to provide the necessary accountability and responsibility that their children need. When it goes on long enough and gets enough public attention, someone else will eventually step in and attempt to apply the parenting that the parents are not providing.


Anonymous said...

And they say gays aren't qualified to be parents!
You need a licence to drive a vehicle and for many other important "activities", but not for the most important of all - to be a responsible parent!