Saturday, November 13, 2010

Liberal Radio Host to Tea Party: ‘You Animals Are Gonna Get It’

Crazed Libtalker Mike Malloy Does His Level Best To Incite Race War


The Leftist hate speech never stops


Anonymous said...

White liberals are the most self-hating group of idiots I have ever seen. Go walk your happy ass down a street into a crowd of about 12 young black men and see if they think you're one of "the good guys."

I say 12, because they never seem to be a problem by themselves. It's a real groupthink thing, I believe.

Anonymous said...

"You animals are gonna get it"

That's exactly what we're hoping for. It'll give us the opportunity to finally eliminate all the leftist pansys that infest/infect our country. A national "deep cleaning" is long overdue. In fact, we may also eliminate a few other "special/protected groups" that produce nothing but trouble. Bring it on!

Anonymous said...

Malloy = Liberal, 3rd generation Irish Catholic, sanctimonious, begrudging turf sniffer.

Think he's BAD? He's a pussy cat.

You should experience the seething hatred of "Capitalist/Republican" Americans first hand on the Emerald isle.

If you're thinking of flying over to find your "roots" or just to see the country-side be prepared to catch some serious flack. Mostly it's just real nasty verbal stuff, but in certain areas it could esculate into more.

Actually, I'd advise telling the locals you're Canadian.

Anonymous said...

Irish are well-known to be aggressive and belligerent wherever they end up in the world; and the drink doesn't help.
Back in the Emerald Isle, after a few years enjoying an artificial economic boom created by EU and overseas investment, the bubble has inevitably burst and now the laughably named "Celtic Tiger" is back to being the old mangey cat.

Spurwing Plover said...

Another liberal sewer rat and slimy bottom dwelling muck sucker and slimy peice of worm riddin filth who should have his show boycotted