Thursday, November 25, 2010

Canadian university presidents too weak-kneed to oppose Leftist thuggery

Much like most U.S. university presidents
"In the National Post, David Frum compares York University’s reception of right-wing academic Daniel Pipes (a briefing on hate speech, and an eventually cancelled appearance) to its reception of socialist former British MP George Galloway (a non-cancelled speech conducted under police protection paid for by students, with threats of legal action against protesters), and concludes there’s something rather wrong with this picture.

No kidding. Setting aside the fact the situations aren’t precisely analogous, and all the various allegations against Mr. Pipes and Mr. Galloway levelled by their ideological opponents, what we really don’t get is this: What kind of self-respecting university president wouldn’t bend over backwards, even if it costs him a few bucks, to ensure he presides over a bastion of absolute (or as absolute as possible) free speech?

As Sun Media’s Ezra Levant says, they’re supposed to be in charge of educating young people. What the hell kind of message are they sending?



Anonymous said...

They are sending exactly the message the want. "We believe in free speech as long as it agrees with liberal philosophy"

Spurwing Plover said...

Canada has become absolutly pathetic especialy their places of lower education

Anonymous said...

They are not there to send a message . They're there to implant a Leftist doctrine, and that's all they do. In fact, they don't even try to hide it any more.

Anonymous said...

It is time that university was seen in its true light as leftist breeding ground around the world. Enough feeding at the public trough.
If you want to get to university there be a choice of three avenues.
You are academically gifted and the government will subsidise you (5% limit on grants per academic year), you are undergoing a cadetship underwritten by a company based on future employment or you pay your own way.
A university education is not a right. It has been a privilege abused by the progressives to create dissent in the mainstream world.
We have more than enough basket weaving arts graduates that can’t do an honest day’s work to sink any economy in unemployment benefits let alone professors who encourage them to emulate Che Guvera in order for the to relive their radical past.
Time to put education money where it will truly give returns.