Sunday, November 28, 2010

CA: Tempest brewing over school district employees truck

We read:
"Many residents of and visitors to Quincy have seen it. It’s hard to miss when it’s parked on the street. “It” is an old Ford pickup with numerous racist images and slogans. Sometimes it flies a Confederate flag. The slogans range from the merely crude — “Liberals suck and blow at the same time” — to the disturbing.

The line “At lest (sic) you can eat the hog” appears on one bumper. It is an allusion to a line from the movie “Glory”: “I’d rather own a hog than a n-----; at least you can eat the hog.”

The truck is offensive enough that authorities report multiple complaints about it. Sheriff Greg Hagwood said he had discussed the truck with other law enforcement agencies. Unfortunately, he said, no matter how repulsive the messages, the truck owner is not doing anything illegal.

But one of the truck owners may have crossed the line when she took the truck onto school district property.

Yvonne Bales, business director for Plumas Unified School District, sometimes drives the truck to work and parks it in the district office parking lot.

Here is where things get really sticky: J.C. Eaglesmith, a Native American, teaches a multi-racial student population at PCCS. Eaglesmith is currently in the middle of a complaint process with the school district. He is alleging he was discriminated against because of his race during his tenure as coach of the Quincy High School basketball team.

Eaglesmith has made discrimination claims before. In the early and mid-90s he filed suits against Mendocino County schools and the Boy Scouts of America.

Eaglesmith said in an e-mail that Bales’ truck was parked within view of his classroom Nov. 3. He and several of his students took pictures of the truck.

Eaglesmith e-mailed the pictures to former Quincy High School teacher and teacher’s union representative Piers Strailey, who forwarded them to Feather Publishing.

Strailey brought the truck to the attention of PUSD board members during public comment at their Nov. 9 meeting. Board members did not respond — they couldn’t because the issue was not on the agenda. Strailey followed up with a formal complaint Nov. 12, alleging “racial hatred, discrimination and sexual harassment.”

He has asked the district to terminate Bales. He alleges the messages “constitute discrimination against and harassment of ” Eaglesmith.


The usual Leftist attempt to get someone fired for speech they disagree with


Anonymous said...

The only thing that truck represents is someone exercising their First Amendment rights. Perhaps someone should remind Mr. Eaglesmith, who is obviously a professional whiner, that his ability to spew his Leftist propaganda and indoctrinate his students is protected (unfortunately) by that same First Amendment.

Anonymous said...

I bought a bran, spankin new car back in 1972 that was a piece of crap and fell apart in 18-months.

It too had several "labels" on certain areas that were fully visible to the public and, as far as I'm concerned were obscene.


Can I sue?

Anonymous said...

Sorry for being off topic, but I wanted to give this to Mr. Snorphty, it's concerning the Oregon bombing attempt, the Mayor of Portland came out in FULL liberal guilt mode:

"The mayor said that he had “trust in Portlanders’ sense of fairness” in dealing with the alleged Somali plotter.

“Bad actions by one member of any group does not and should not be generalized or applied more widely to other members of that same group,” he said. “Otherwise, as the biggest racial group in Portland, we European-Americans would be in deep trouble.” "

Anonymous said...

Should we be surprised that the mayor of Portland is just another fuzzy-brained, bleeding-heart liberal?. Let's just hope that whatever the terrorists plan to blow up is in Portland. Maybe they'll finally connect with reality when they see their bleeding hearts actually bleeding.

Spurwingg Plover said...

People like eaglesmith are profesiional whiners alright they dont think anyone else has a 1st amendment right ecept for themselves of course just like all liberal little whimps he should change his last name to CHICKENSMITH

Quincy resident said...

Do any of you folks personally know the people involved? Do you understand that a hostile work environment, discrimination and hate speech on public agency property are not protected by freedom of speech rights?