Thursday, November 25, 2010

Canada: Must not say that Chinese work hard?

We have recently seen that it is forbidden to say that blacks work hard. Now it seems that we can't say it of people who really do work hard either. What a crazy world! Working hard must be the new taboo. Have hard workers replaced homosexuals as objects of scorn?
"The Star received many emotional emails from Chinese Canadians, most particularly upset by the fact that our Page 1 story connected the concerns raised at that conference to a controversial article titled “ ‘Too Asian’?” published in the latest Maclean’s magazine university guide.

The magazine quoted some anonymous privileged white kids’ view that some Canadian universities have a large Asian student body, reporting that “some frosh don’t want to study at an ‘Asian’ university.” The article states that an “Asian” school “has come to mean one that is so academically focused that some students feel they can no longer compete or have fun.”


I would have hoped that Chinese people viewed their hard work as a badge of honor and if others don't like that too bad. After all, the Chinese will have the last laugh. Their kids will graduate and get good jobs while lazy white kids will drop out or get mediocre degrees that take them nowhere.

People need to realize that you can't win 'em all and in life it's not everybody who gets a gold star. Sadly, the schools teach the opposite lesson to that.

I suppose an underlying issue is that the Chinese constantly make a mockery of the "all men are equal" false gospel. May they continue to do so! But I guess it's true that they will encounter discrimination because of that. Leftists will certainly hate them for it.


PoliticallyIncorrectLibertarian said...

Of course Asians work hard, they are raised to work hard. The stereotypical college jock that would rather party than do his homework is extremely uncommon among Asians. Go to college and they're always studying, they will not have fun until they have fulfilled all their duties. Another interesting thing is that they always study practical careers like medicine, engineering, computers and law. Ask Margaret Cho how her parents felt when she announced she wanted to be a comedian.

Anonymous said...

And aside from their obvious academic excellence, (especially the Japanese) they still believe in "old fashioned" things like respect for their elders and honoring parents. It's one of the reasons their society is getting stronger while ours is getting weaker.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it is because Asians know how hard it is to gain a place in a university. It is time that university was seen in its true light as leftist breeding ground around the world. Enough feeding at the public trough.
If you want to get to university there be a choice of three avenues.
You are academically gifted and the government will subsidise you (5% limit on grants per academic year), you are undergoing a cadetship underwritten by a company based on future employment or you pay your own way.
A university education is not a right. It has been a privilege abused by the progressives to create dissent in the mainstream world.
We have more than enough basket weaving arts graduates that can’t do an honest day’s work to sink any economy in unemployment benefits let alone professors who encourage them to emulate Che Guvera in order for the to relive their radical past.
Time to put education money where it will truly give returns.

Anonymous said...

Clarification: The Chinese and so called 'Asian' have no problem as to be called 'hard-working'. The problem with the recent articles on Toronto Star, and Macleans, is that, these people are being attached and blamed for their hardworking. Further more, the articles complained that Canadian top universities are 'too Asian' (ie. with too many students of Asian ancestry), and suggested that the 'Asian students' have no talent, are just book-worms, and are seclusive and not into socialize. They even suggested that 'efforts in the U.S. to limit enrollment of Asian students in top universities may migrate to Canada'! Now we are talking about racial stereotyping and racial discrimination. It's all about racism! To help you understand this issue, how about we switch the title of Maclean's article 'Too Asian?' to 'Too Jewish?'

Anonymous said...

and I'll bet that Chinese people like Chinese food. (not all of course).

Anonymous said...

Liberals hate when an unsanctioned group becomes successful the old fashioned way (or any way for that matter).