Thursday, November 11, 2010

Partial Pledge arouses anger at New York School‏

We read:
"A controversy over the Pledge of Allegiance at an elementary school has divided a small New York town and resulted in the resignation of a school board member.

Rosemarie Troidl told Fox News Radio she resigned as a member of the North Collins School Board after her fellow board members refused to order students to recite the entire Pledge of Allegiance together -- not just the opening line.

“We were raised to respect the flag,” Troidl said, suggesting it was an issue of patriotism. “There's no excuse for the board to have allowed this.”

She said around 250 people have signed a petition asking the school board to change the policy and direct children at North Collins Elementary School to recite the Pledge in unison. Residents angered by the policy plan to speak at a school board meeting planned Tuesday night at the North Collins High School library.

The morning starts with the entire student body reciting a “character pledge” in unison. Then, someone recites the opening line of the Pledge before the intercom is turned off. “If the school can say in unison a character pledge, why can they not recite as a group the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag?”


Individual students should be allowed to remain silent as the pledge is said if that is their wish but having the school make that decision for them seems arrogant. Perhaps the school does not wish to "offend" Hispanics and Muslims.


Anonymous said...

i guess next it will be the bastard muslim call to prayer in the yorkstan.

Anonymous said...

google "Red Skelton pledge" for a real treat

Ish Gebor

PoliticallyIncorrectLibertarian said...

Forced patriotism is like forced Christianity, it doesn't work.

Let those who love this country take the pledge and let those who aren't sure shut up.

Anonymous said...

Better yet, if you can't/won't recite the full Pledge, sincerely, then you should be deported/exiled.

Anonymous said...

Funny, but i'll bet the people who have a problem saying the pledge have no such problem every month saying, where's my;

welfare check
food stamps
rent check
unemployment check
disability check
tax rebate (even though i pay nothing)

PoliticallyIncorrectLibertarian said...

Damn dude, you want to deport people for not taking a government pledge? Isn't that fascistic? The whole point of living in a free country is you have the freedom not to follow the crowd. Patriotism is more than pledges and bumperstickers, I've seen plenty of liberals wear the flag pin, take oaths, claim to love America, and then turn against their country. I've also seen people turned against every value their parents taught them, including patriotism, so before you demand forced patriotism, think of the consequences.

Anonymous said...

Next on the Liberal school agenda:

Prayer rugs provided and a monthly allowance to have them dry-cleaned.

"Let those who love this country take the pledge and let those who aren't sure shut up."


How about:

Let those who love this country take the pledge and forcibly deport the rest to Cuba, ASAP!

Anonymous said...

If you can't take the oath should you really be there? What is it in the oath that peolple find offensive? I agree that if you are willing to take then you need to give in order to balance society.
If you can't pledge allegiance to the country that provides for you then leave.
There are plenty in Australia who take but do not give and complain that they don't get enough. If you ask them of their loyalty it is not for Australia but overseas. If I could could I would grant their wish and send them home in a heartbeat.

Fed Up

Anonymous said...

This is NOT about forcibly making everyone take the Pledge of Allegiance. The courts have already ruled that participation is optional.

This is about saying another oath and then starting but not finishing the Pledge. Why start it if you are not going to finish it?

It's like teaching people about the Constitution but leaving out the amendments, a very bad thing for a SCHOOL to be doing.

Anonymous said...

When I was a kid, we didn't have a choice. We all said the pledge, because it was the right thing to do. We were taught to appreciate our country. We were taught to appreciate those who fought for our freedoms. We were taught to respect authority. We were taught that there are absolute rights and wrongs.

Rome didn't fall in a day, and neither will the United States, but like Rome, it will fall. And the Muslims will be there to pick up the pieces.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:13 = You are 100% correct.....

Spurwing PLover said...

So now will they allow kidsto recite the PLEDGE TO THE EARTH like eco-wackos like to do in their rediclous earthday get togethers they have on EARTHDAY in CENTRAL PARK