Monday, November 01, 2010

Internet wiretapping proposal raises red flags

We read:
"In response to requests from federal law enforcement and national security officials, members of Congress are drafting a bill to grant enhanced wire-tapping capabilities enabling them to intercept communications of encrypted e-mail transmitters such as BlackBerry, social networking Web sites such as Facebook, and software that allows direct ‘peer to peer’ messaging like Skype.

Even though nothing has been formally introducd in Congress, privacy advocates are already up in arms about the proposed e-wiretap bill which would provide the U.S. government with a back door into all communications systems"



Anonymous said...

How could this anti-freedom move happen? Because the US govt is in the hands of anti-freedom Marxists. (until next week perhaps) Of course, they'll blame the republicans, but the republicans have nothing to say about what goes on, and haven't had anything to say for the last three years. But for something like this to happen, it requires a totally stupid and brain-dead public. Meaning, it probably will happen.

Anonymous said...

Much better to be up-in-arms about it BEFORE the laws gets passed than to try to knock them down once they are already passed.

Question: Do we really need hundreds of people working full time dreaming up new laws? Do we not have enough laws already? Does every new situation truly require a new law?

It used to be that ignorance of the law could not be excused but with the great weight of laws we already have ignorance of the law is normal behavior.

Anonymous said...

Remember when bush wanted to wiretap terrorists? The left went bat-shit crazy!

Now Dumbo wants to intercept EVERYTHING on the net AND be able to shut it down.

Now, suddenly, it's "necessary for national security!"

Liberals/progressives are a bunch of hypocrites! They don't mind heavy handed government intrusions into our lives so long as THEY are the heavy hand!