Friday, November 12, 2010

Even do-gooders must not mention some history

We read:
"The mother of a former student at Warren Consolidated Schools has sued the district, claiming that her African-American daughter was the victim of racial bias and harassment by the teacher reading aloud of passages from a book about slavery.

Jamey Petree, representing Jala Petree, says that excerpts from “From Slave Ship to Freedom Road” were read last January by Jala’s fifth-grade teacher at Margaret Black Elementary School in Sterling Heights.

Two excerpts each two paragraphs long that were read include N-word references and compares African-Americans’ skin color to “Satan’s thoughts” and night darkness. The excerpts talk about the buying and selling of slaves.

The book, by Julius Lester, is designed for children aged 10 to 15 and uses essays to interpret 24 paintings by artist Rod Brown that depict scenes of slavery.

“Together, images and words reenact the 250-year journey from the first slave ships taking Africans forcibly from their homes, to the Civil War and emancipation,” says a review by www.scholastic .com. “What makes this book such a valuable learning tool, however, and such a unique response to a common subject of study, is Lester's inclusion of personal commentary, direct questions and ‘imagination exercises’ in his text. … ‘From Slave Ship to Freedom Road’ insists that students think about history, rather than simply learn the facts.”


Leftists love to demonize America's past and mentioning that African skin was once said by somebody to be as black as Satan's thoughts was no doubt seen as a cool way of doing such demonization. It backfired this time, though.


Anonymous said...

It's only racially biased if you are a racist to begin with. To most of us, we see it simply as an account of our past. The only way to prevent past atrocities from recurring is to remember them.


Anonymous said...

Simply another attempt at a payday. (see: shakedown $$$) It's one of the largest "industries" in the black community. The others being crack sales, and giving birth to as many future welfare recipients as possible.

Anonymous said...

What's the matter lady...Your welfare payments not enough to live on?

Spurwing Plover said...

Just more of this political correctness popycock will they demand the book be banned becuase one kid gets offended? The trouble today is that people are lead into beleving they can slove their problems with a lawyer and tying up our courts in rediculous litigation

Flu-Bird said...

The COMMUNISTS were bigger mass murderers then the NAZIS were and this is something these liberal text book will never tell you