Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Wesley College newspaper under fire for publishing 'racist' cartoons drawn by a black student

The independent student newspaper of Delaware's Wesley College is under fire after publishing two cartoons that many students on campus found offensive.

The two cartoons in question were published last Friday. The first shows an African-American woman wearing a 'Black Lives Matter' t-shirt, looking at her watch as she remarks 'Would you look at the time...I'm late for my abortion!'

The second cartoon shows an exchanged between a black man and an animated garden hoe.

The garden hoe exclaims: 'Who is you calling HOE!!!'

'I'm sorry ma'am, you just look like a hoe!' the man responds.

The cartoons were drawn by student Bryheim Muse, who is black himself. 

The cartoons quickly generated controversy on campus, with many saying they were offended and found the cartoons racially insensitive.

'I just feel like it's inappropriate, and it kind of offends me,' Tymira Holman, a freshman, told WBOC. 'I know that we have student events where students that aren't minorities feel let out and discriminated again and then something like this is just not OK to me.'

School administrators and the Whetston's editor-in-chief held a forum on Monday to address the outrage over the cartoons, but some students said that wasn't enough.

As an independent student newspaper, The Whetstone is not officially or financially affiliated with the school.  



Anonymous said...

Bring back the bullies, it's apparent that without learning that life and people can be brutally unfair and unkind the children of today are unable to mature and become adults who are able to discern the difference between social commentary and racism.

Bird of Paradise said...

The same idiots who protestded against the shooting of cecil the Lion are all probibly Pro Abortionists the same always with these animal rights freaks

Anonymous said...

The professionally offended can always find something to be outraged about; it does not matter if it is truth.

Anonymous said...

As Jack Nicholson said in the movie "A Few Good Men", 'you can't handle the truth'. And so it seems to be at Wesley College. How can there be any racism when one of their own drew the cartoons? Just shows how quick students leap to incorrect conclusions.

Anonymous said...

Satirical cartoons have a long and noble history. Only totalitarian regimes and societies ban them, and people who are embarrassed by uncomfortable truths in their own society.

Dean said...

The masses totally ignored the message - black lives matter unless they are unborn black lives. The cartoon is obviously a comment against abortion. I'm surprised the eternally offended didn't include that in the outrage.