Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Mass.: Academy of Notre Dame cancels classes after racist threats

Pretty obvious that it is another hoax.  The modus operandi is familiar

A Catholic school in Tyngsboro is canceling classes tomorrow after a typed note threatening black students at the school was found in a bathroom, police said.

This follows “a series of racist and racially insensitive social media postings” targeting students at the Academy of Notre Dame, a kindergarten to high school.

“We do not believe there is a credible threat against the school, but we are conducting an active and ongoing investigation at this time,” Tyngsboro police Chief Richard D. Howe said.

Other offensive messages have been posted to Instagram and Twitter, targeting the Upper School, over the past several months, police said. Investigators are reaching out to officials at Twitter as well as Facebook, which owns Instagram. Police first opened an investigation into the social media postings in February, and the investigation remains ongoing. The typed and printed message is the first piece of physical evidence presented to police.



Anonymous said...

Some people have no sense of personal responsibility.

Anonymous said...

The pathetic CYA reaction of school administrations and hype by the lamestream media is what drive these. Statistically there are more hoaxes than real harassment but the publicity and media hype is what drives both.


Bird of Paradise said...

So darn pathetic cancil something becuasse of some note found in the latrine and this is most likly a big fat hoax

Anonymous said...

Time to reinstitute corporal punishment to achieve timely punishment and give a clear warning for crimes like this. A good flogging in the public square and the associated humiliation would dissuade most miscreants from these sorts of crimes and save space in the jails. Same for vandalism and graffiti. Seems to work well in Singapore. Very cost effective. Anyone deemed medically unfit gets double jail time for the offense.

Anonymous said...

2:11 you sound a bit Islamic-State!

Birdzilla said...

Anon 2:11 You are right its time to quit coddling this little snowflakes give this the Captian Couragoius treatment a good smack in the face