Sunday, May 15, 2016

'Selfie Queen' is a bad expression

I have no idea why

Parents have slammed Sainsbury's for selling a girls' T-shirt emblazoned with the slogan 'Selfie Queen'.

One mother, who goes by the username westcountrywoman on Mumsnet, posted a photograph of the 'offensive' garment which quickly sparked a heated debate.

One user, nicknamed MyKingdomForBrie, said she was appalled by the T-shirt designed for age three, writing: 'Horrible message for girls, pretty bloody depressing as is the whole culture surrounding it.'

Others blasted the design for being 'cringe-worthy', 'tacky' and 'sexist'.

However, despite the backlash, many parents said they did not find the 'Selfie Queen' T-shirt offensive.  'I wouldn't say inappropriate, just a bit naff really,' Pixilicious wrote, while WorraLiberty added: 'We're living in an age where selfies are very common/popular so it's just a silly little slogan that gives a nod to that.'

And it appears that many others are also in support of the slogan.

Indeed, a spokesperson for Sainsbury's told MailOnline that the 'Selfie Queen' T-shirt - made for ages three to 12 - is 'very popular' and 'lots of people like it.'

Defending the design, the retail chain said: 'Children love playing with cameras and taking selfies. 'The T-shirt was designed to be a fun, playful addition to our kidswear range and is popular with parents.'



Anonymous said...

I do not understand the objections.

Bird of Paradise said...

Some people are just not happy unless they find something to complain about,Whine,Whine,Whine

Anonymous said...

Contrived promotion!

Anonymous said...

The perpetually offended are at again. I wonder if the women complaining were left wing arts students before they were mothers?

Birdzilla said...

If they realy want something to complain about how about the putrid education systemt hat brainwashes kids with mindless eco-crap poppycock