Monday, May 23, 2016

Must not joke about rape

Ray Badran says he received death threats online from a joke he told involving the word rape.

That was one of the first tweets that Ray Badran received last year that make him realise something wasn’t right.

A few nights earlier, the Sydney stand-up comedian had been confronted by an audience member at a warm-up gig for last year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival after she objected to a joke he made using the word “rape”.

In what Badran considers one of his worst gigs, he ended up walking off stage frustrated and saying “f**k off and die”.

The joke goes something like this: “If you’re black you can do jokes about being black, if you’re gay you can do jokes about being gay … so I’m not sure if you can tell just by looking at me but … I can do rape jokes.”

Badran estimates he had told the joke to about 50,000 people before that Melbourne gig last year without any complaints.

“It’s self-deprecating — that’s why I can get away with it,” Badran tells

And as far as his comedy goes, Badran says that joke is about as “edgy” as his stand up gets.



Anonymous said...

Rape is a vicious offense and should never being taken lightly or joked about !

Bird of Paradise said...

Theres nothing funny about rape but sending death threats is what cowards do

Anonymous said...

Why does a person attend a comedy show where it is known the comedians are "edgy" and it is therefore very likely he/she would find something offensive?! It sounds like another case of being deliberately offended for some ulterior motive.

Anonymous said...

EVERYTHING, ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING is subject to comedy. Being offended by comedy is like being offended for existing.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

All we get from the comedians of today is bathroom jokes and toilet talk

Use the Name, Luke said...


Not actually funny, so using vulgarity to get laughs.

Anonymous said...

F'ugly lesbians will always hate any reference to men being on the same terms as the feminazi. Time the world told the LGBTI crowd to get over the PC bullshit.