Monday, May 30, 2016

A Trump version of an apology

Native American writer Nicole Robertson objected to the Republican candidate’s continued use of the term “Pocahontas” to ridicule U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren.

As reported by Inforum, Trump made the aforementioned derogatory comment during a campaign stop in Bismarck, North Dakota on Thursday.

When Robertson, a member of the Cree Nation, told the Republican front-runner that she was offended by the remark, Trump apologized – before immediately referring to Warren as “Pocahontas” once again

Donald Trump’s comments about Elizabeth Warren stem from a 2012 controversy regarding the Massachusetts Senator’s ancestry. As previously reported by Inquisitr, Warren has stated that she is of Cherokee descent, but the claim has proven difficult to document.

A legendary Native American historical figure, the story of Pocahontas was also adapted for a popular animated film by Disney.




Anonymous said...

Some people always manage to be offended by something.

Anonymous said...

Simple. DNA her. If the results are negative then she is a fraud. So easy. If she refuses then she is a fraud. Win win. Another socialist that needs to be knocked back a couple of pegs to tell her that not all Americans agree to give their taxes to freeloaders.

Eddy Wobegon said...

Trump probably fumbled a common slight against Warren who has been derided as "Fauxcahontas".

Anonymous said...

He should apologize. Her name's not Pocahontas, it's Fauxahontas.

Anonymous said...

What fake outrage, if anything they should have been upset at Warren calling herself part indian to get advantages.

Bird of Paradise said...

lets see liberals appoligise for making a mess of our nation