Friday, May 13, 2016

Advert for London ‘designer vagina’ surgery banned

AN ADVERT for “designer vagina” surgery has been banned over concerns it could make women unhappy with their bodies.

The ad — which appeared in London’s Metro newspaper — was for labia reshaping at the London Bridge Plastic Surgery clinic offering women the chance to “achieve a more natural appearance”.

It was canned after five readers blasted it as socially irresponsible and encouraging women to have unnecessary cosmetic surgery.

The surgery said 100 per cent of women undergoing the op were looking for a more “natural” appearance — while 91 per cent reported discomfort from clothing, 69 per cent discomfort when doing sports and a significant number reported discomfort during sex.

The clinic denied it was wrong to advertise the availability of such surgery.

The Metro said it considered the advert to be suitable because it is read by young professionals with plenty of cash who would not take offence at that type of promotion.

But watchdog the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said the description hinted that a pre-surgery labia might be somehow “unnatural” in appearance and banned the ad in its current form.

The London Bridge Plastic Surgery clinic added: “We never impose on our patients our views of what natural is and never tell a patient what is normal. “It is our patients who ask for a more natural or normal appearance and it is our role to tell them what or what is not possible.



Anonymous said...

I wonder what the patient's goals are.

Anonymous said...

So, Labia surgery is unnecessary and will make women feel bad, but it is OK to promote breast surgery, face lifts, butt sculpting, etc?

Stan B said...

On that bAsis, beauty products in general should be outlawed.

Anonymous said...

I am sure the controversy has spread the word to more potential customers than the original advertisement so the clinic is a winner in this.


stinky said...

So there's no truth to the rumor they're putting teeth in them?