Friday, May 20, 2016

Must not mention that there are a lot of Muslim suicide bombers

The leader of Italy’s second-largest political party was performing at a show in Padua on Saturday when he praised the victory in the mayoral election of "Bangladeshi" Khan, who is British and whose family are originally from Pakistan.

The comedian noted that London's first Muslim mayor is an example of what unthinkable surprises life can hold in store and as proof that one must never stop dreaming, only to proceed to joke: "Now I want to see when he blows himself up in Westminster."

The remark by the leader of the Five Star Movement (M5S), an anti-establishment party founded by Mr Grillo in 2009, came at a sensitive time as  his own party’s candidate, Virginia Raggi, is the leading contender to become the next mayor of Rome.

Stefano Esposito, a PD senator, demanded to know what the mayoral candidate  Raggi thought of the joke: “What does Raggi think of the racist insult that her boss directed at the mayor of London?

Same question asked by Ettore Rosato, the PD's leader in Parliament: "Racism and generalisation by Beppe Grillo is not funny and offend integrated people and free voters. What does Virginia Raggi say about Westminster?"



Anonymous said...

Some people make thoughtless jokes.

Bird of Paradise said...

Liberals real'y don't think before they shoot off their pieholes

Anonymous said...

London has become the UK's Washington DC. Everyone who can has fled to the suburbs or further leaving a city full of government dependents who vote to continue and increase their subsidy. The cancer will spread from there.


Birdzilla said...

Whats wrong with these people why do they want to blow themselves up for nothing?

Anonymous said...

Coz they believe that if they "martyr" themselves for Islam all their sinful non-islamic behavior is forgiven and they go straight to Paradise.

Anonymous said...

Similar to some Christian ideas of salvation, where a prisoner on death row after a life of terrible crimes can convince himself he's been saved by accepting Jesus and will go straight to Heaven (although an atheist after a virtuous life will apparently go to Hell to suffer eternal torture) - sounds like Divine Justice!)

Anonymous said...

Got the tense wrong there. It should be "What do raggies think of the racist..."